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DIY T shirt gold foil refashion with this FREE feather printable stencil

How many old t shirts do you have lying around that are ready for some extra lovin? If your dresser looks anything like mine…. chances are…. a lot. That’s where today’s DIY t shirt stencil makeover comes in. Similar to the scissor stencil we created last year, (that has over 1,000 downloads by the way!) this free feather printable will give your old clothes a brand new look.

DIY T Shirt Stencil Supplies

DIY T shirt refashion with this FREE feather printable stencil

DIY T Shirt Stencil Tutorial

To make this project as easy as possible, I created a free printable for you! Just fill out the form below and get the printable stencil immediately delivered to your inbox.


Once you have your printable feather stencil, it’s time to make your DIY t shirt! Print the one page printable on cardstock for extra durability.

Then, use an Xacto knife to carefully cut out the feather shapes. I started playing with designs right away to get a better idea on how I wanted to lay my stencil out later on.

DIY Tshirt refashion with this FREE feather printable stencil

Once all your feather stencils are cut out, carefully trace them onto the backside of your gold foil with a pen. I used a fine point permanent marker for this step so it wouldn’t smear.

Next, you are going to use your xacto knife again and cut your feathers out of foil. Save some time by only cutting the amount of gold feathers you’ll need. (This is where planning out your design just 5 minutes in advance helps!)

DIY a tshirt refashion with this FREE feather printable stencil

Finally, place your gold feather pieces on your shirt and take them to your ironing board. Iron them as the foil package recommends to permanently bond in place.

Your new DIY t shirt will withstand wear and tear, regular washing and whatever else you can throw at it. If an edge begins to rise during the first wear, just re-iron to bond again.

DIY T shirt refashion with this FREE pdf feather printable stencil..

I hope you guys liked this quick and easy DIY t shirt tutorial! I think it adds a little extra detail to an old shirt and makes me excited to wear it more often. How about you?

DIY T shirt refashion with this FREE printable

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