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Are you growing a huge stockpile of t-shirts you never wear? (How in the world does the t-shirt stash seem to “grow” until they take over your dresser?) Today, I get to show you how to reinvent your boring shirts with an easy Fringe T-Shirt Makeover.

How to make a Fringe Shirt from a basic tank top.


It’s not that this basic tank was “bad” by any means. I liked the asymmetrical hemline and soft fabric but it could definitely use more character. I rarely reached for it in the morning and almost never gave it a second thought. This is especially weird because lately I’ve been trying really hard to only keep pieces that make me feel great when I put them on. I love the thought of a closet full of incredible clothes that make me feel unstoppable…. and this little t-shirt just wasn’t cutting it. To give this basic top an update, all it needed was a little sew-on fringe from the local craft store and about 15 minutes of my time.


Basic Shirt

To update your t-shirts the same way, set aside just 15-20 minutes of time. This project is great for the beginner and if you don’t have a basic sewing machine (or feel intimidated using one) you can get the same look by using No-Sew Fabric Glue or just sewing the embellishment on by hand. You’ll wear your shirt so much more when you are done with this project!


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The Steps:

TShirt Makeover Supplies

Start by pinning the fringe to the bottom hemline of the shirt. I like to place a pin every three inches or so to keep everything nicely in place. Your fringe will likely come with a thin plastic thread running along the bottom (as shown) to keep the tassels in place. Don’t remove this clear thread until you are completely done sewing.

Pin Fringe Into Place

Next, pin some more fringe to the neckline of your shirt. I feel like this really makes it unique and adds just the right amount of texture to your finished look.

Pin Fringe at Neckline

Now get sewing! Using a basic zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine, secure your embellishment in place using a ballpoint needle. Go all the way around the neckline and hemline until everything is fastened in place, removing your pins just before you sew over them.
Sew Fringe in Place

Now, remove that plastic thread that holds your fringe together and slip your new shirt on. Enjoy!

Before, this t-shirt was a basic, boring top that never got worn, but with a few simple tweaks, you have something that feels so much better on and is worthy of wearing to date-nights, dinner-parties, and get togethers.

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Tank Top Makeover