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In celebration of all things spring and floral, let’s learn how to sew a blouse today! I don’t know about you, but as soon as I see the first tulip peek through the ground, I’m breaking out the tank tops, starting to wear summer dresses, and making big plans for the warmer weather ahead.

Part of my big plans is growing my handmade wardrobe. I love the fresh start and reinvention that comes with spring. It almost feels like nature’s opportunity to try something new and grow yourself as well. If there’s a look you’ve wanted to try out, spring is the perfect time of change that gives you some extra room for experimentation. Play with different silhouettes and see how you feel. Wear a new lipstick. Make something outside the norm.

That’s why today, we’ll be stepping outside our comfort zones and creating this floral embroidered, fully lined, tunic top. I’ll walk you through how to sew a blouse step by step- so you have nothing to worry about! When you are done, you’ll feel so proud to wear this great fitting, spring top all season- and summer long.

DIY floral tunic for summer an easy sewing project

This DIY tunic dress is perfect for farmer’s markets, lazy afternoons, and everything in between. It’s simple design and unique silhouette make it perfect for layering.

DIY floral tunic dress for summer . an easy beginner sewing project

This DIY tunic dress is super-simple to make since we’ll be using clothes you already have to create a pattern just for you. Don’t stress because I’ll walk you through every step of the way.

DIY floral tunic dress for summer . an easy sewing project .


How To Sew A Blouse:

Before we can really begin, we’ll need to create your pattern. To do this, grab one of your old tank tops that fits well and lay it out on your butcher paper.

Tip: I like to use butcher paper when I’m creating patterns because it comes in a massive roll, costs less than regular pattern paper, and you can even pick it up at the Home Depot in a massive roll.

Trace a line using a pencil around your tank top. Then, measure and mark a new line a few inches out from that so your dress pattern is about 2″ wider than your tank top. This allows for seam allowance and to accommodate the stretch your tank top likely has.

DIY floral tunic dress for summer . sew

Cut out your new DIY tunic dress pattern and lay it out on your piece of lining. Fold the lining and place the center front of the pattern along the fold line so once it’s cut, you’ll have one symmetrical piece of fabric. Cut another, longer piece of your floral fabric as well. I made my floral piece as long as my fabric allowed but use your own preference.

DIY floral tunic dress for summer . .

To create the back of your pattern, just cut a higher neckline as you are cutting the back piece. Use the lining piece as a guide to cut the floral back once you are done so you will have 2 identical pieces. You won’t want to cut the back pieces on the fold, since we’ll be putting a zipper in later.

DIY floral tunic dress for summer . sewing

Now it’s time to sew the side seams together.

how to make a DIY floral tunic dress for summer

Place the lining inside your floral printed exterior and lay right-sides-together. Pin into place along the neckline and armholes.

how to make a DIY floral tunic dress for summer a sewing project

Sew them into place, cut notches along the inseams, and flip your dress right-side out.

DIY floral tunic dress for summer sewing tutorial..

Now it’s time to finish off your DIY tunic dress! Add an invisible zipper, hem the raw edges around the bottom, and sew the shoulder seams together.

Now it’s time to try it on and let me know how it turned out!

how to make a DIY floral tunic dress for summer . a sewing project

This DIY Tunic is sooo comfortable and I plan on styling it with distressed jeans and some 70’s sunglasses for this summer’s farmer’s markets.

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how to sew a blouse

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