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The wrapped wire rings we made from a few weeks ago were such a hit, let’s make some more! This time, with added leather tassels and a cute wrapped band. (See last week’s wire ring DIY HERE.) These DIY wire rings are super-simple to make and are perfect for the absolute beginner!

simple diy ring tutorial . easy wire jewelry with boho tassels .

What I love most about this little DIY is that you can make so many at a time. Give some to friends or make them in different sizes and wear several at a time for a boho-layered look. The stacked wire layers in the back can be separated for a bigger presence on your finger or kept tightly wound for a more delicate look.

diy ring tutorial . easy wire jewelry with boho leather tassels

DIY Wire Ring Supplies

My supply lists are shoppable for your convenience! Just click any aff. link below to get everything you need to complete this project on Amazon.

diy ring tutorial easy wire jewelry with boho leather tassels

Watch The Video Tutorial:

How To Make A DIY Wire Ring

First let’s begin with an introduction to your ring mandrel. These tools are really inexpensive (this one was about $5) and let you control what size your ring will ultimately be when you’re done. The notches and marks define the different ring sizes. So, if you are a size 7, wrap your wire around the “7” etc. The notches in between the numbers represent half sizes.

Start by trimming about an 8″ section of wire and setting your ring mandrel at the center. Wrap your wire around the mandrel on both sides until you have about 2″ left.

diy ring tutorial . easy wire jewelry with boho tassels

The backside of your ring mandrel has an indent that makes it easy to slide the excess wire under your wrapped strands. Wrap both wires under the wrapped layers and pull tight with jewelry pliers.

boho diy ring tutorial . Wire jewelry with tassels

Slide a leather tassel onto one of the wire strands. Use your jewelry pliers to twist the two wires together.

boho diy ring tutorial . easy wire jewelry with tasselsOnce the wires are twisted together, you can wrap them around the leather tassel to create a finished, polished look. You should be left with a ring that looks like this:

diy ring tutorial . easy wire jewelry with boho tassels .

Aren’t they just SO cute! I love how intricate and delicate they can be all at the same time. I ended up making a size 9 for my thumb, a size 6 for the upper part of my index finger, a size 7 for my ring finger, and a size 5 for my pinky. The entire project took less than an hour and all of the supplies cost less than ten dollars. The best part? You will still have the supplies to make another 50 rings if you wanted to!

diy ring tutorial . easy wire jewelry with tassels

I really hope you guys liked this DIY wire ring! As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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easy diy ring tutorial . simple wire jewelry with boho leather tassels