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These DIY wire wrapped rings are surprisingly simple to make and are perfect for the absolute beginner jewelry-maker!

What I love most about this little DIY is that you can make so many at a time. Give some to friends or make them in different sizes and wear several at a time for a boho-layered look. The stacked wire layers in the back can be separated for a bigger presence on your finger or kept tightly wound for a more delicate look.

Add stones in different sizes and colors to create interesting and completely new looks. This project is easy to complete on a quiet afternoon and make great, thoughtful gifts.

DIY Wire and stone Rings

Wire Wrapped Rings Supplies

How To Make Wire Wrapped Rings

  1. First let’s begin with an introduction to your ring mandrel. These tools are really inexpensive (this one was about $5) and lets you control what size your ring will ultimately be when you’re done. The notches and marks define the different ring sizes. So, if you are a size 7, wrap your wire around the “7” etc. The notches in between the numbers represent half sizes.
  2. Start by trimming about an 11″ section of wire and setting your ring mandrel/ ring gauge at the center.
  3. Slide both ends of the wire through your stone bead in opposite directions. Pull tight around your ring mandrel to get an accurate size.
  4. Wrap the excess wire on either side of your stone in opposite directions around your ring gauge/ ring mandrel until you have about 3″ left on either side.
  5. The backside of your ring mandrel has an indent that makes it easy to slide the excess wire under your wrapped strands. Wrap both wires under the wrapped layers and pull tight with jewelry pliers.
  6. Repeat until you have no wire left over and your wire is securely fasted.
  7. If there are any rough edges of wire remaining, sand them softly with extra fine sandpaper and tuck them into the stone so they won;t be uncomfortable.

Aren’t they just SO cute! I love how intricate and delicate they can be all at the same time. I ended up making a size 9 for my thumb, a size 6 for the upper part of my index finger, a size 7 for my ring finger, and a size 5 for my pinky.

The entire project took less than an hour and all of the supplies cost less than ten dollars. The best part? You will still have the supplies to make another 50 rings if you wanted to!

DIY Wire Wrapped Rings Video Tutorial

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