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Easy DIY Paint Chip Garland

My sweet, miniature man can not make up his mind. One day he loves Skylanders, then it’s Minecraft, then Star Wars, and I just can’t justify paying to redecorate his room over and over again if it is only going to last a month.

But, a good hands-on project? That, I can get into. We’ve redecorated his room with a Skylanders theme for just a few dollars by using what we have on hand and a couple mommy-son projects. We used paint chips, Skylanders-themed fabric, and a few old cardboard boxes to create the focal point above his bed. Voila! Skylanders room:

DIY Paint Chip Garland

I’ll be sharing how we made the oversize letters a bit later using fabric and boxes.

Making the garland was incredibly easy and only took about 20 minutes. We love how they are made from paint chips that you get for free from any hardware store, like Home Depot or Lowes! I also really love the ombre look and the personality it gives his room.

DIY Paint Chip Garland

We chose to use Behr paint chip cards because of their large size and the logo in the bottom center of the chip. It allowed us to cut and assemble the garland without any rulers or measuring. Paint chip crafts are so versatile, literally every color is available and you can cut any different shapes you like.

DIY Paint Chip Garland


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DIY Paint Chip Garland

Paint Chip Garland Steps:

  • Gently begin to fold the first paint chip in half just enough to find the middle.
  • Using the paper trimmer, line up your chip with the upper corner. It doesn’t have to be exact since the trimmer will guarantee a straight line.
  • Repeat on the other side to create a triangle
  • Hole punch small holes on both sides of the top with a circle punch
  • String yarn through. The yarn has just enough texture so the chips won’t crash into each other and is easy for little hands to help.
  • Hang and enjoy!

 I hope you liked this little tutorial. Boston loves how it turned out and is totally happy with his room….. even though he’s already excited to redo it with Star Wars. Agh!

This DIY is especially good for making a party garland. Valentine’s Day, a diy Easter egg garland… More opportunity for creativity right?