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Do you have a boring pair of slippers lying around that are less than inspiring? The basic ones that are totally functional, but don’t make you smile when you get out of bed every day? In today’s tutorial, we’ll be giving those simple slippers a makeover with this DIY Slippers Tutorial.

Easy DIY Slippers Tutorial with DIY Boho Tassels


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Easy DIY Slippers Tutorial with Tassels supplies

DIY Slippers Tutorial:

The first step is to make some cute little tassels to decorate your “new” shoes with! Don’t stress- this is so much easier than you think! I even created a one minute video that walks you through the entire process step by step.

In today’s tutorial, I chose to use 3 different colors of embroidery floss to make the tassels for each slipper (so 6 tassels total) but you can choose whatever you like best.

Refashion Easy DIY Slippers Tutorial with sew on embroidery floss Tassels..

Once your tassels are made, trim the excess thread from the top after knotting it so the tassel won’t come undone.

Refashion Easy DIY Slippers Tutorial with embroidery floss Tassels. Basic embroidery tutorial.

Next, break out your hand sewing needle and sew them to your slippers. I chose to add a wooden bead that I had lying around, but just like every DIY project, only add extra details if they make you smile. These DIY slippers are yours after all!

Easy DIY Slippers Tutorial with Tassels..

Since the tassels looked a little bulky to me, I used a “point-cutting” technique to reduce some of the bulk and add a little more dimension. You can do this by holding your scissors straight up and down instead of sideways as you’re cutting the embroidery threads.

Refashion Easy DIY Slippers Tutorial with embroidery floss Tassels. .

Now, it’s time to embroider just a bit. I absolutely love the look of embroidery, but don’t like how much time it takes. So, for today’s tutorial, we’ll be using the easiest, most basic of stitches to create the extra detail without investing hours of your time. You can see my other, more in-depth embroidery tutorials HERE

Easy DIY Slippers Tutorial with DIY Boho Tassels embroidery tutorial

How To Embroider In 3 Simple Steps:

  1. From the inside of your slipper, poke your needle through to the outside about a centimeter above the last stitch, or beginning of your thread.
  2. Pull your embroidery floss tight and then push your needle back into the slipper right next to the last visible stitch. In a way you are sewing backwards here…. don’t overthink it.
  3. Pull your floss tight again and repeat step 1 until you have circled the circumference of your slipper.

Ta da! You my friend are done! Now, slip your feet into those cozy new DIY slippers, put on a robe, and make yourself a cup of tea. You’ve earned it!

Easy DIY Slippers Tutorial with DIY TasselsRefashion Easy DIY Slippers Tutorial with embroidery floss Tassels.. Included a Basic embroidery tutorial.

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