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Fabric Cheat Sheet printable download. how to care for your laundry and washable fabricsLet’s be real here for a second. Laundry sucks.

Laundry sucks sooooo much.

The only thing worse than laundry itself is doing laundry wrong. You know what I’m talking about…. when you accidentally ruin your favorite dress because you washed it incorrectly or made your favorite sweater look raggedy after just a few wears. Or… when you accidentally wash your husbands thousand dollar suit with your baggy t-shirts…..

You’ve probably never done that one.

I have.

Let me explain……

I once accidentally threw Jon’s thousand dollar suits (yes…plural. There were actually 2 of them) in the washing machine. Our house was a mess at the time and I was frantically cleaning like I do when I’m stressed. Instead of actually looking at any of the clothes on the floor, I rolled them all up into a massive ball and squeezed them into the washing machine. I remember the lid on the top barely closed. I’m sure I washed them on the “hot” setting and we had to throw them away when the cycle ended. That was an expensive lesson to learn. But, now I know my husband loves me more than his suits. 😉

Nowadays… it’s not like I’m a laundry queen. It’s quite the opposite really…. but I’ve ruined very few pieces of clothing since then. That’s why when I started working on a new clothing refashion email series, I figured it’s important to go back to basics and give you guys some handy tools I wish I had floating around my house before Jon’s suit fiasco.

That’s where this handy free printable fabric care cheat sheet comes in.

Printable fabric cheat sheet

This pretty little printable comes in handy whenever you’re doing laundry, considering buying something, or starting a refashion project. If you’re ever unsure what you can take a bleach pen to and design a new look (like this dress refashion HERE) check the printable first. If you’re editing your closet and wondering which fabric is going to be easiest to maintain and work with for future refashions, check the printable!

This little pdf is going to come in handy in so many ways.

Seriously, I could have saved my household thousands of dollars by this point if I just had this pretty sheet of paper hanging above my washing machine. It would have even looked cute hanging on cute little clipboards next to my Stain Remover Printable but alas….

Fabric Cheat Sheet printable

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