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I’m going to open up here by saying there are few things I love more than finding a handmade card from someone I care about. There’s something about a hand written letter that is so much more special than any other form of communication. It’s personal. It’s authentic. It takes longer to create and is more meaningful than an email or a text. I know the handwritten letters from my grandparents courtship are some of my favorite things to read in my family history. I treasure the letter my sister wrote before she passed away more than any other item. It could never, ever be replaced.

So in an effort to inspire you to write more handwritten letters, I created these totally free, blank, printable thank you cards. There’s no strings attached. Just print them out and tell the people around you what they mean to you. Spread just a little more gratitude this season. 

FREE printable feminine autumn pumpkin Blank Thank You Cards

I believe Thanksgiving should be a season of reflection, happiness and above all, gratitude.

No matter where we are in our lives, there is always something to be grateful for. I am so lucky to be surrounded by people who are loving, supportive, make me laugh, and screw my head on straight when I’m feeling down.

Like so many, my teenage years it didn’t feel that way. Then, at the perfect moment, my sister wrote the most thoughtful handwritten letter on my birthday card and told me to read it alone. It was the most beautiful, loving letter I had ever received and I tucked it away and kept it for years. It was the thing I read and re-read whenever I was having a bad day, going through another emotional breakup, or fighting with my parents.

When she died, I cherished that handwritten birthday card even more.

Now, it’s framed and hangs in my bedroom to see every morning. I am constantly reminded of her unconditional love, strength, and thoughtfulness…All things I try to be more of every day.

FREE printable feminine pumpkin Blank Thank You Cards..

I wonder when she was writing that letter what she was thinking. Did she realize how much it would mean to me? Did she know I would have a quote from it actually tattooed on my ribs as an adult?

I doubt it.

But I think that’s also the beauty in it all.

You never realize what your gesture will really mean to somebody until you do it. You never know how important those kind words are until they’re said.

My sister was always incredible with her words and always knew just the right thing to say. Now that I can’t call her whenever I want the blank card she wrote to me means so so much more.

In creating these printable thank you cards, I just want to help make the process of being thoughtful and writing letters even easier.

When somebody does something kind for you, you will always have the printable file to express your gratitude quickly and easily.

FREE printable Autumn Blank Thank You cards

Both printable thank you card templates come with a blank interior for plenty of space to write an entire page.

Just fill in your name and email below and you’ll get a copy of the pdf file mailed to your inbox. This way, months down the road you will always have the printable download. :)

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