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Can you believe that 2018 is almost over and gone? With the start of the new year, always comes new goals and an even bigger ambition to reach them. Today, I’m going to give you the updated free printable planner that has helped us stay organized and focused on our goals throughout last year. This year, I decided to share it with you. I know you are going to love this!

FREE 2018 Daily Planner Printable with goal setting worksheets and gratitude journal

To fully understand why this planner is so special, let’s take a step back…

Each day, you probably write down your to-do lists, grocery lists, and over-booked schedules. This printable planner implements what you do each day along with the long term goals you want to achieve. Instead of jumping straight into your to-do list, this printable planner has equal spaces to complete a daily gratitude list and goal-writing.

When I started making my bigger goals and gratitude journal part of my morning routine every single day, huge shifts started happening all around me. By taking the time to just think about your goals every day, it puts them at the front of your focus so you will be able to keep moving towards them.

Because your big goals and dreams deserve more time and attention than your shopping list.

Why do we put our goals and big plans even further behind “call the dry cleaners” or “add quinoa to the grocery list?” I personally believe this is why people wake up ten years down the road and wonder why they never got around to make their big dreams happen.

I believe we often don’t reach our goals because we don’t give them the energy we give our other mandatory day to day craziness.

It has to be a routine.

We have to be reminded of our goals every single day.

Above all, it has to be easy enough to actually do each day…. even when the months get overwhelming and hectic.

Daily Planner Free Printable - goal setting worksheets and gratitude journal

Did you know that only 3% of adults write their goals down? It’s no surprise that the ones that do have a substantially better percentage of achieving them.

Last year, I decided to write my goals not just once, but every single day. I added an entire column in my day planner to write and re-write them so the first thing in the morning, In was reminded of the big things I was working towards. Throughout the year, it helped keep me centered and focused on what I truly wanted.

Daily Planner Free Printable with goal setting worksheets and gratitude journal

The next section of the planner has a list of 10 spaces to fill in what you are grateful for each day. No matter how rough a day feels, there is always more to be grateful for than we realize. When I look for these things on a daily basis and write them down, I find myself happier, more motivated, and less anxious overall. I have read several studies about training your brain to be happier through practices like this and can personally vouch for it’s effectiveness. Whenever I miss a few days, I always seem to fall in a bit of a rut and feel better when I start writing each night again.

Personally, I like writing my goals in the morning so I can be reminded of them throughout the day and reflect on what I am grateful for at night before I go to bed.

2018 Daily Planner Free Printable with goal setting worksheets and gratitude journal

The next sheet in your day planner is pretty self-explanatory. There you will find a huge section for your daily To-Do list and a handy Schedule portion on the other side for any appointments, a small Accounting square to jot down anything you spent that day and Notes section. This sheet is designed to contain everything an average day planner includes, but allows you to have equal space for your goals and gratitude journal.

How to Organize Your Printable Planner

Just add your name and email to the box below to get the instant download straight to your inbox. By having your own copy, you always have the printable on hand throughout the year to make more copies. I tend to print them out in 2 week increments that way I never have too many paper in my binder at a time and can stay organized.

I love putting my printable planner in a beautiful binder. Here are a few feminine marble options I’m loving right now:

When printing this day planner out, print several copies of the Goals and Gratitude section first, then once the pages are finished printing, put them back through the printer to print the Schedule and To Do page on the other side. This creates the double-sided, full-page spread you can then put in any binder to start using.

I hope you absolutely love this printable planner and it helps you to reach your goals, brings more happiness and organization to your day, and becomes a part of your daily routine. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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