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It seems like every winter during the most wonderful time of the year, I revamp my holiday decor and want a different style of Christmas Stocking. That’s why in today’s post, I created this super-simple Christmas Stocking Pattern for you guys! Buying new stocking can get expensive, and making them yourself only takes a few steps!

How to Make an easy faux fur DIY Christmas Stocking FREE printable pdf pattern

For awhile I have been working on creating printable patterns for you guys. Since I have so many original designs, I think it would be awesome if I could create a way for you to print them out on your regular, standard printer, tape the pieces together and sew some awesome designs.

The projhect has been a massive undertaking but every day I’m learning a little bit more and getting just a little bit better. This year’s printable Christmas Stocking pattern is the first of many printable patterns to come!

But back to this project……

How to Sew a faux fur DIY Christmas Stocking FREE printable pattern

Several years ago, I made these faux fur Christmas stockings to hang on our newly-renovated DIY marble mantle. The DIY Christmas stockings were absolutely adorable and matched out home decor in the most perfect way. You can see more of my holiday decor HERE.

I eventually got so many questions from you guys on how I made them that I decided to create this stocking tutorial. That way, everyone can create custom Christmas stockings they love without spending a fortune to buy them.

It’s crazy to me how expensive stockings are! A quality stocking is often over $20 each so our family of 6 costs over a hundred dollars in stockings alone whenever I want to redecorate… which is a lot. On the other hand, with a little creativity…. and a free Christmas stocking pattern, you can whip up a whole mantle-worth of stockings in a single afternoon for just a few dollars in supplies.

I can’t wait to show you how!

DIY Christmas Stocking Supplies

My supply lists are 100% shoppable for your convenience! After all, you already have way too many errands to run throughout the holidays. Click any link below to get everything you need without the hassle.

How to Make an easy faux fur DIY Christmas Stocking FREE printable pattern

Get the FREE Christmas Stocking Pattern Here:

How To Make A DIY Christmas Stocking

Before you can begin making your DIY Stocking, it’s important to print your FREE Christmas Stocking pattern that we’ll be working with. Just fill in your name and email in the box above and you’ll receive the printable pattern immediately in your inbox. I designed this pattern to be compatible with the standard at-home printer. All you have to do is print it out, tape the pages together, and follow the following steps.

You can see exactly how to assemble the simple Christmas stocking pattern via the video tutorial as well.

How to Sew a DIY Christmas Stocking FREE printable pattern

Once your pattern is printed and assembled, it’s time to cut out your fabric pieces. Since this is your stocking, you can lay your fabric out however you like. Just be sure that if your working with a stretch fabric, you lay the direction of stretch width-wise instead of length-wise. That way, when you pack them full of goodies, your new Christmas stockings don’t stretch out toward the floor and lose their overall shape.

The first time I created this Christmas stocking, I made the entire thing in white faux fur. For today’s tutorial, I’ll be making the body of the stocking from a classic rib-knit fabric and the cuff from a deep wine fur. By working with two different fabrics for today’s tutorial, I’m hoping it will be easier to see exactly which pattern piece I’m working with. I’ll also be able to give you some time-saving tips on working with both fabrics so your project goes as smooth as possible.

Cut out two stocking body pieces and one cuff piece on the fold. When you are done, your pattern pieces that look like this:

How to Make a simple faux fur DIY Christmas Stocking FREE printable pattern

Place the “right sides together” of your body stocking pieces. Sew your stocking from the top of one side and all the way down to the toes and up the other side. Leave 1/2″ for seam allowance.

Next, clip tiny triangles or clips in the areas of your stocking that will curve. This will make your stocking fall smoothly and correctly when you flip it right side out.

How to Sew an easy faux fur DIY Christmas Stocking FREE printable pattern

Believe it or not, your stocking is almost done! Flip the body of your stocking right side out. Next, sew the cuff of your stocking shut hamburger-style so it creates a circle. With the right sides together, pin the faux fur cuff to the inside of the body. Sew together at the top of the stocking. You should be able to flip the cuff onto the outside of the stocking and have it fall correctly.

How to Sew an easy faux fur DIY Christmas Stocking FREE printable pattern..

The last and final step in putting your Christmas stocking pattern together is adding a ribbon to the top edge for hanging. Cut a 3″ section of scrap ribbon, fold in half and sew in place near the top of your stocking.

How to Sew a simple faux fur DIY Christmas Stocking FREE printable pattern

Now your Christmas stocking is complete and ready to be hung by the fire. From here, you can make another, decorate it even more with embellishments and trimmings, or make yourself a celebratory cup of egg nog and call it good.

I hope you guys loved this Christmas Stocking pattern! I really love creating useful tutorials for you so if you have any questions while you are working on this (or any projects on Creative fashion Blog) please don;t hesitate to reach out!

DIY Christmas Stocking Video Tutorial

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How to Make an easy faux fur DIY Christmas Stocking FREE printable pdf pattern..

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