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Free Printable Christmas Gift Tracker. This year, stay organized and don't forget anybody with this handy gift tracker

Is it just me, or does every Christmas start to get away from you too? I start each December totally motivated to buy the same amount of presents for each kid, stay in budget, and not forget all the in-laws and still spoil my husband.  Yet no matter how much I try there always seems to be a moment when you’re heading off to a Christmas party and have totally forgotten where you hid that particular present. Or the moment when you realize you spaced buying the White Elephant Gift for your best friend’s get together and settle for wrapping a bottle of wine you had laying around the house or re-gifting something and hoping it wasn’t from anybody who will also be there.

This year will be different.

It absolutely will be.

This year, I created this handy little printable to stay organized and know exactly what I’m getting everyone, if it’s already wrapped and under the tree, how much I’ve spent, and even a reminder of all the important dates and upcoming Christmas parties.

This Christmas Gift Tracker has already been a real game changer. I hope you like it too!

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Free Printable Christmas Gift TrackerFree Holiday Printable Christmas Gift Tracker