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 Do you find yourself setting the most incredible goals, getting super-motivated on New Years, only to find yourself wondering what happened by February? When it comes to getting things done, I believe Goal Setting Worksheet Printables can be sooooooo useful!

Why is it that goals are just so damn hard to reach sometimes?

Free Goal Setting Printable

Today I’m excited to give you guys these free goal setting printables to keep you on track, accountable, and make your goals more visible every day. The free printable can be printed on a standard printer at home or blown up into an engineers print for a poster-size, statement that you will see every day. Personally, I love the larger size since it constantly reminds me of my goals and keep them at the forefront of my day to day actions. If every day, I’m reminded of my goals and every day, I’m writing them down, it’s hard to forget them and avoid taking some kind of action.

First, the Vision Board:

A vision board is a collection of images, written goals, etc. that remind you of the things, places, and experiences you are working towards.

Last year, I made a vision board with Jon and the results were pretty incredible. We put pictures of things we wanted and places we wanted to visit and compiled an itemized list of every single debt we had on the other side.

It’s absolutely incredible how much we accomplished last year doing this.

My new marble fireplace looks almost identical to the one on my vision board (find the DIY HERE), the office chair I tacked on was over $1,200 at Z Gallery and I made my own HERE for under $20 that looks similar. Jon picked out a jeep he loves just last month, and my bathroom remodels- complete with the exact vanity and mirror that I tacked up and an even bigger, more luxurious shower are underway as I write. I also drive the car that was taped to my vision board and have reached several of the business goals I wrote and taped down.

But above all of those exciting things, was the other half of our vision board. We paid off every single piece of debt that we wrote down and looked at every day. Every single one. Together, they totaled over $100,000.

So in short, I’ll tell you with absolute certainty that vision boards work… regardless of how big your goal may be.

The trick is to place your vision board in a place that you see everyday. Be sure it catches your eye and you are constantly reminded of the goals you set out to achieve. Don’t be afraid to tweak it throughout the year as your goals evolve.

Next, the Goal Setting Worksheet


Now that you have your vision board laid out, it’s time to set some real goals.

What do you really want? What would be absolute game changers for the next year? Try to avoid setting goals based what others want for you or what you think you should be setting, and be sure you aren’t wasting time on achieving somebody else’s goals. For example, don’t set a goal to get in better shape if you really hate to work out and your only real motivation is just to impress someone else. Make a goal to find more accepting friends instead. ;)

I like to set 5 goals at a time. It still feels attainable and makes a real impact in multiple areas. Next, break those goals down into actionable steps and create a deadline of when you will achieve them.

By printing out this Goal Setting Worksheet on a large, engineer print, it makes a bigger impact in my office where I look at it every day. Every morning when I sit down, I’m instantly reminded of my goals and reminded of the action steps I need to take to achieve them.

If every day you are taking a small step to achieving your goal, you will absolutely reach it. It’s a law just like the law of gravity.

Finally, Write and Re-Write

 When writing this post, I almost left this step out since this step is part of my Free Day Planner Printable but re-writing your goals every single day solidifies the agreement you made with yourself to achieve them.

Think about it- you write a to-do list, a grocery list, or some variation of a shopping list every day. Why is it that we only write our goals down once a year…. if that? How can they be all that significant in our lives if we don’t give them an equal part in our errand-filled day?

Each morning, while I drink my coffee, I re-write my goals and 10 things I’m grateful for in this Day Planner. It keeps me from falling in a funk, encourages a light attitude, and reminds me of the life I’m creating and what is truly important. Personally, I notice a shift when I skip a few days and start to feel overwhelmed and less grounded overall.

So this year I really hope these printables have been helpful to you in reaching your goals and actually making them happen!

Create your Vision Board, fill out the free Goal Setting Worksheet, and write and re-write them every day.

I’m so excited to see what this year brings for you and everything you’ll do!

FREE Goal setting worksheet printable Vision Board & Worksheet

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