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At this point, it’s safe to say that I’ve tried over a hundred planners in an attempt to stay organized and keep moving forward. Between my husband and I, we have four kids, several side-hustles and overall hectic schedules. We have truly tried nearly every form of a day planner. I’ve tried digital ones, cutesy ones, practical ones, etc. You name it, I’ve probably given it a go. So, why is finding the perfect planner so hard? After years of searching, I eventually decided to create my own and today I’m going to share it with you via a free printable.

Once you print it out, each day opens up to a full, two-page spread with plenty of space to stay organized, jot down your goals, your gratitude list of the day, and even a section to keep track of your finances. This free day planner has everything you need to keep track of in a day, and nothing your not. For example, I thought about including a “water intake” section, but since I carry a 32 oz bottle of water with me everywhere I go, thought it was just repetitive. I know how much I drink in a day and writing it down seemed unnecessary. But what do you guys think? Is there anything you think it needs to make it absolutely perfect?

While re-writing your water consumption is unnecessary, your goals should and need to be repetitive. Forgive me while I take a little detour for just a minute…..

Besides your family and work, your goals are what define and shape your entire life. They are what fulfill you, make you jump out of bed in the morning, and keep you progressing toward your ideal life. The motivation we all have on New Years Morning doesn’t have to fade. By re-writing your goals every single day, you keep that momentum going and are constantly reminding yourself of what you are working towards. I write my goals every single morning and it sets my priorities for the rest of the day. If I really want to achieve every single one of my goals, it really helps to think about them every day first thing. By doing this two-minute practice, I find myself more on-track and filling my day with tasks that help to propel me forward, rather than filling a to-do list with errands that only benefit somebody else.

Your gratitude list is of equal importance. Each day before I fall asleep, I quickly write down ten things I am grateful for that day. Do your best to change them each day and I promise you will see a major improvement on your outlook within about a week. By constantly finding the good, you train yourself to see even more good things, resulting in a more positive perspective overall. Whenever I feel myself falling into a funk, I realize I have been skipping on my gratitude journal. Try it out and you’ll feel a positive change too.

By adding a Gratitude List and Goal List to my Day Planner, I’ve felt so much more organized and positive overall, but still haven’t found a pre-made day planner that automatically incorporates both or has the space to fill these lists in for myself. So, in the DIY spirit, I just made one.

Since I have loved using this planner so much, I thought it best to spread the love. Print out as many copies as you like and make gratitude and goal-reaching a habit. I print out one side first, then run them back through the printer to print the other list on the backside of the page. This way, when I put all the pages into a binder, You’ll have a two page spread for each day and plenty of space to write. Or, if you like, just print out the daily to-do list or Gratitude and Goals sections as you see fit. As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, let me know in the comments below!