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This winter, I absolutely love the fur purse trend. Why not carry something so soft and cozy around? In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to add some plush faux fur to a basic purse you already have.

Before the refashion, I really didn’t care much for this bag. I loved the deep wine color but other than that, didn’t reach for it often. Sometimes a little update is really all that’s needed.

How to add fur to an old purse. A simple refashion DIY tutorial


Making this fur purse takes less than 20 minutes and you can get all your supplies on Amazon.com. Here are some shoppable (aff.) links so you can get making!

How to add fur to an old purse. A simple refashion DIY idea..

How To Make A Fur Purse

To add fur to your old purse, we’re going to be using the same method manufacturers use. Believe it or not, when you buy a fur purse in the store, it’s likely held in place with fabric glue and secured with a similiar, super-simple technique.

The first step in the process is most crucial and requires…..sandpaper. Yup.

By lightly sanding the surface area that you want your fur to stick to, you allow the fabric glue to form a tighter bond. If you are not using a real leather purse (like mine) be extra gentle with your sandpaper so you don’t damage the bag itself. The goal is to get the soft surface to be a little more porous.

Next, apply your fabric glue directly onto your purse. Be sure to go all the way to the ends but not to get any inside any zippers or other closures.

Last, apply your fabric over the glue. Use scissors to gently trim any excess or cut around buckles and other closures.

Tip: Use binder clips to hold your fabric in place around the edges while the glue dries. 

How to add a fur embellishment to an old purse. A simple refashion DIY tutorial

After your glue is dried, your purse is ready to use!

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