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Today I have a special deal on an incredible product I’ve been using awhile for you. I swear you’re gunna love me after I tell you how to get a professional colorist in your bathroom for just ten bucks……. ten bucks!

ESalon Hair

There are so many things I love about having long hair….. and a few I don’t. For one, as my hair gets longer and longer, every time I sit in a salon chair also gets more and more expensive and time-consuming. I went to beauty school, know why boxed hair dye is terrible for my hair, but when babysitters are hard to come by and my blonde roots begin to show, I’ve caved over and over again and used cheap color. Don’t judge.

So one late night when I stumbled across this website, I was both excited and nervous. How different could it really be from grocery store dye?

ESalon Mail

Turns out, quite a lot. In the process of placing my order, I told my online stylists everything she needed to know to create my custom shade of hair dye. I specified my natural hair color, the color my hair is now, what shade I wanted, my hair texture, thickness, amount of gray strands and every other question you would tell your stylist at a brick and mortar salon. I sent her photos of my hair and she even emailed be before my package shipped to let me know she had included another bottle for the ends of my hair to balance the new shade with my roots for free.

All of this communication happened within 48 hours.

I had my own custom color package in my hands a few days later.

ESalon Review

Before I move on, I feel like I need to take a step back and explain why stylists hate boxed dye. Besides the box never specifying how to apply dye correctly at home, boxed dye is loaded with extra chemicals that bust each hair follicle open more than necessary, leaving it dry and damaged. In general, boxed hair dye is a one size fits all treatment, and nobody’s hair is one size fits all. We wouldn’t buy one size fits all clothes, foundation, skin-care, or shoes- what makes us think our hair is different?

Everything I learned in cosmetology school about hair color checked out. In the package I received, I had the correct volume developer, custom blended pigments, and detailed instructions on how to apply it correctly with a brush (not a bottle.) This the closest thing I’ve ever seen to having a stylist conveniently placed in your bathroom during nap time.

ESalon Package

The whole application process took longer than a traditional boxed dye, but hours less than a salon appointment. I loved how my name was written on every bottle, the date the color was mixed was clearly marked, and the application accessories were a much higher quality than any boxed dye I’ve seen.

I also bought a Shine Glaze to use in between dyes to keep my hair looking it’s best. I’ll be sure to let you guys now how that works. This entire package cost me just $25.00

Glass Act by ESalon

Since eSalon is awesome, they are giving each of you guys a $10 credit to try this out too. This means you can get quality, custom-mixed color for just $10.00. It’s going to be so nice to have your own colorist. Trust me.

Click here to get started.

When I began the process of getting my custom color, I was hopeful but in the end this experience exceeded my expectations in a big way. I love the color and how even it came out. My hair is softer than it’s been in awhile…… like…… softer than it’s been in years. I think I just became a lifer.

Does ESalon Work?

I was not paid for eSalon for this post. I just had to share it with you guys!

Leave a comment after you place your order and let me know how it goes!