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This holiday season, I thought it would be fun to put together a gift guide of useful gifts for sewists you’ve likely never heard of. After all, there are so many incredible sewing tools out there that will speed up the process, make completing your projects faster, and give you even better results.

I’ve scoured the internet, taken a hard look at the tools I’ve purchased over the years and created this guide for you to give the perfect gifts for sewists this year.

In full transperancy, I own several of the tools below but also have a few of them in my Amazon shopping cart as a subtle hint to my husband. (wink wink Jon) Because new sewing supplies and tools are so fun!

20 Unique Gifts for sewists

Hopefully you love these 20+ gifts for sewists as much as I loved discovering them!

#1. Handheld Sewing Machine

Imagine sitting at a restaurant with your friends when suddenly you realize one of them has a ripped seam in their skirt…. or hemline that has come undone…. or a stitch that’s become loose. You could bust out this portable sewing machine and stitch it up without ever leaving the table! You’d save the day! Basically, having this Handheld Portable Sewing Machine in your purse automatically makes you a super hero.

#2. Fasturn Fabric Tube Turner

The Fasturn Fabric Tube Turner is such a handy tool for creating straps, drawstrings… or anything else you need to turn inside out. I don’t know about you, but I despise turning spaghetti straps or other tubes of fabric right side out because it can be so tedious. This little tool takes your time down to just a few seconds!

#3. Hot Hemmer

A Hot Hemmer may just be the most time-saving tool I’ve discovered. It helps you create even hems by just folding the fabric over and ironing on the top. The non-slip surface holds your fabric in place so your hems turn out even.

#5. Purple Thang

A Purple Thang comes in handy no matter what you are sewing. Really. It’s flat edge is perfectly designed to help feed fabric evenly under the foot of your sewing machine. It also has a slight curved edge that makes holding down your fabric while you sew much easier. Use it to push fabric under your presser foot to create gathered layers and even to turn corners without breaking seams. This tiny tool is incredibly useful in so many ways!

#6. Double Tracing Wheel

If you have ever tried making your own patterns, this Double Tracing Wheel will create seam allowances and hemlines instantly. It also comes in handy when you are working with a sewing pattern that doesn’t include seam allowances (like pdf patterns from Burda.com)

#7. Clover Wedge Iron

The Clover Wedge Iron comes in handy for those tight little spaces or to flatten seams. It’s also incredibly handy for kids clothes, doll clothes, or accessories.

#8. Bobbin Buddies

When keeping your bobbins and matching threads organized becomes more than you can take, these Bobbin Buddies are the antidote. They slip into the top of your bobbin and hold them neatly in place on top of their coordinating spool. How handy is that?

#9. Needle Threader

Why is threading needles so hard? Regardless of if you are working with a sewing machine needle or a hand sdewing needle, this Needle Threader will save you time and frustration. Just slip one end of your thread through the large hole and then glide the end of the Needle Threader through the eye of your needle. Easy peasy right?

#10. Lazer Guided Scissors

Regardless of if you are papercrafting, creating your own sewing patterns, or just wrapping presents, these Lazer Guided Scissors will help you create perfectly straight lines every time… and make you feel kind of badass while you are doing it.

#11. Mini Project Iron

This Mini Project Iron makes a great travel iron to get small wrinkles out after being packed. I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust the irons in most hotel rooms. ;) It’s also especially helpful if you are meeting friends for a craft night away from your sewing studio or are working in a tight sewing space.

#12. Mini Ironing Board

A Mini Ironing Board is helpful more often than you’d think! Keep it next to your sewing machine and press seams with the Mini Project Iron without needing to get up or use it in tight sewing spaces. It even fold in half to take up less space in between uses.

#13. Sewers Aid

Sewers Aid is such a helpful sewing tool since it makes everything glide easily. Put one drop in your spool or bobbin to make it glide easier and use it to maintain and extend the life of your machine.

#14. Sleeve Placket Template

When it comes to sewing sleeve plackets, having a sturdy Sleeve Placket Template makes tracing and completing your project easier and far less confusing. I don’t know about you, but when I am making a shirt, the hardest part is marking the pattern pieces exactly. This handy little template simplifies the process.

#14. Stretch Ruler For Knits

On the same note, if you’ve ever struggled (like me) with the math calculation to figure out what percentage of stretch your knit fabric is, this Stretch Ruler For Knit Fabrics does it for you! Just take your knit fabric and stretch it out to measure. now you have better insight on how to work with it or how to adjust your next sewing pattern.

#15. Bodkin Tweezer

My next find will come in handy next time you need to insert an elastic into a casing. How many times have you used a safety pin only to have it open half-way through your casing? Or damage your fabric or elastic? This Bodkin Tweezer is made to help with exactly that. Insert your elastic into the open end and slide the metal ring close to the opening to tighten with tension. Then, slip your elastic through your casing without the extra suspense.

#16. Tailors Press

A Tailors Press is the perfect tool for flattening bulky seams or setting pleats, seams, or creases. It holds your fabric in place while it cools and after you have finished ironing to create a more permanent finish. How cool is that?

#17. True Grips Stickers

If you have ever had that moment when your grid ruler keeps slipping on top of your pattern paper or fabric, these True Grips Stickers are going to be a game changer. They stick onto one side of your ruler and provide just enough grip to keep from sliding around while you measure and cut your next masterpiece.

#18. Wonder Tape

Wonder Tape is so useful I use it in almost every project I complete. It holds everything in place and actually washes away in the first wash. Use it to set hemlines, hold patch pockets in place, baste zippers, or hold seam allowances out of the way in casings before sewing. It comes in handy for almost every project and you can never have too much of it in my little opinion.

#19. Tailors Awl

The next time you need to punch a hole in fabric or set a rivet, don’t reach for a kitchen skewer and damage your fabric- get a Tailors Awl and remove the stress. This handy little tool makes clean, accurate holes in all kinds of fabric.

#20. Measuring Gauge

This Measuring Gauge is perfect for creating accurate seam allowances and hemlines. It’s small, simple design make it easy to use and incredibly precise.

#21. Buttonhole Sewing Gauge

I know this seems crazy to say, but this is the mother of all sewing tools. Measuring and placing buttonholes is one of the most nerve-wracking things for me. This handy Buttonhole Sewing Gauge takes all the guesswork and measuring (and remeasuring) out of the equation and helps create perfect buttonhole placement every time.

#22. Seam Roller

Let’s be real- getting up to iron each seam individually as you sew can be way to time consuming. Plus, there are some fabrics that don’t iron well in the first place or can damage easily. To save time and work with tricky fabrics, use a Seam Roller and use tension to press open seams while you are working.

#23. Cut Gloves

Maybe I’m clumbsy… or maybe this is a real thing, but wearing Cut Gloves while I’m cutting heavy duty fabrics has saved my fingers from a sharp rotary blade more often than I’d like to admit. These lightweight gloves prevent your hands from getting cut or sliced while cutting. If you wear one on your left hand while cutting with your right, your blade will never run away on you and slice your fingers again!

I hope this comprehensive list inspired some new ideas and got you excited to create some incredible projects this holiday! The best part? These gifts for sewists are likely not already in their sewing supplies but will be so useful!

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