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Selling crafts online but not getting the results you want? Let’s go into five ways to make the Etsy algorithm work in your favor to grow your Etsy traffic.

Selling Crafts Online

Etsy Traffic Tip #1: Use Long Tail Keywords

A long tail keyword is basically more than one keyword that you put in a phrase, that will narrow your niche, and increase your exposure.

For example, instead of saying shirt, which is a keyword, you could say ‘baby pink silk shirt’. This narrows your focus, and makes it so you’re not drowning in the sea of all the other listings for shirts. That way when your customer finds you, they’re more likely to purchase from you, because you are selling exactly what they wanted. They can easily find it with the specified long tail keywords.

Full-Time-Seller Tip: If your tag is longer than 20 characters in Etsy specifically, just use two tags and the algorithm is going to combine them anyways. So no big deal.

Selling Crafts Online

#2 Use Your Focus Keyword in Your Title

My next Etsy tip for selling crafts online is to use your focus keyword in your title. Your focus keyword is the number one keyword that you want to rank high for in search listings with that particular item. In our lamp example, you might choose stained glass lamp or you might choose ’40s vintage Tiffany lamp’. Those are examples of long tail keywords that if used in your title can really help your listing stand out more. Plus, since your Etsy shop listings are also reported to Google, your focus keyword as the title will start showing up in Google too. This is really going to help your Etsy shop increase its exposure.

Selling Crafts Online

#3 Use Phrases in Both Titles and Tags

Something that is really important is to use phrases in both the title and the tags. Exact phrase matches are stronger than matches on an individual word. Tags or phrases that appear in both the title and the tag of listings are considered more relevant! A listing with one word or the phrase in the title or the tags alone doesn’t match as strongly. So make sure that you are using those tags to your shop’s advantage.

For more quick tips on starting and growing your Etsy shop, click here.

Selling Crafts Online

#4 Don’t Repeat Tags

Within the tag section at the bottom of your Etsy listing, don’t repeat tags. For example, you are selling a handmade shirt. You don’t need to say ‘baby pink shirt’, ‘silk shirt’, and ‘women’s shirt’, because the tag word ‘shirt’ has already been used. Instead, you’ll get a lot more reach if you start switching out your tags so they are more versatile. So for example, maybe you say ‘baby pink shirt’, and ‘silk women’s blouse’. Then you have a lot more tags out there that your customers can plug into the search bar in Etsy, and have your listing show up.

Selling Crafts Online

#5 Be Current

When selling crafts online, you need to stay current. Etsy’s algorithm reviews how recently an item was listed or re-listed. You can fix the SEO of an old listing, then duplicate the listing, and publish it as a new listing. This will give you a small boost in the algorithm since it’s considered a brand new listing, not just renewed. You’ll experience that little boost for a couple hours, which is very nice for sales. You’ll get more customers seeing your products for longer!

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