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We’ve all had that moment when we scuff our brand new heels, step in gum, or wear our neon gym shoes on a dusty hike and wish they were a little cleaner afterwards. Clean shoes feel newer and I’m more excited to put them on. That’s why instead of shoving everything into the washing machine and ruining half of them again, here’s anotherĀ  another idea. Why not take this handy little graphic with you to guide you through exactly how to clean each one of your shoes the right way?

How To Clean Your Dirty Shoes

Learning how to clean your shoes saves so much time and hassle in taking them in to a cleaner and prolonging the life of your shoe. Personally, I think that if you have stopped wearing your shoes because they’re ugly and dirty, the “life” of your shoe is gone anyways. Shine ’em up and let them be worn again!

I sincerely hope you guys liked this little tutorial and as always, if you ever have any questions, just let me know in the comments below. I’m always here to help and love hearing from you guys!

After your shoes are all squeaky clean, here’s a few of shoe refashion ideas:

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