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Wanna learn how to make your own maxi dress? Today’s DIY will show you exactly how in less than an hour without a pattern! Trust me. I’ll hold your hand the entire way and walk you through each step. It will be so much easier than you think!

This DIY maxi dress has a beautifully draped front and high neckline. The front drape makes this uber-comfortable silhouette still feminine and can be worn almost anywhere from a beach vacation to dinner dates.

This weekend, I’ll be wearing it to an amusement park with my four kids, a high ponytail, and some huge sunglasses. Easy. Effortless. Still-put-together. Feeling beautiful doesn’t have to take hours or feel uncomfortable.

DIY Tent Dress Floor Length Maxi Dress


How To Make Your Own Maxi Dress

DIY Tent Dress Long Maxi Dress

Start out with a piece of fabric that is 55″ long and 66″ wide. Fold it in half so it is 55″ long and it is 33″ across the top. Sew the long side closed to create a wide tube.

The picture below shows you exactly what we will be doing to your rectangular piece of fabric to create your DIY maxi dress:

Measure 15″ from the fold line and mark with a pin on either side of the fabric. Use your hand sewing needle to gather the fabric tightly to create a drape that will add dimension to the front of your dress.

DIY Tent Dress Floor Length Maxi Dress.

Trim 2″ off the bottom of your dress or use 1″ Fold-Over Elastic to if you don’t have a Serger on hand. Sew the ends of your strip of fabric/ elastic together to form a loop that easily fits over your head.

You are ALMOST done with your maxi dress!

Now measure 1″ outwards from either side of your gathers and attach to your elastic/ fabric strip with a sewing pin. Sew together.

Do it yourself Tent Dress Floor Length Maxi Dress .

The center back of your dress should be marked by the seam you made at the beginning of the tutorial. Measure 1″ out from either side of the seam and pin to your fabric strip/ elastic in the back. Sew into place.

Do it yourself Tent Dress Maxi Dress .

When you are done, your dress is ready to try on! You will have something like this:

DIY Tent Dress maxi Dress

I seriously can’t tell you how comfortable this dress is! It’s absolutely perfect for summer and I hope you liked this little tutorial too! As always, if you have any questions while you are making this project, just shoot me a message through the comments below. I’m always here to help out.

Sew a DIY Tent Dress Floor Length Maxi Dress

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