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If you’ve ever tried bra making, you know just how complicated instructions can be on how to sew bra straps. The written tutorials and illustrated photos make the process seem overly technical and difficult. So, today I thought it would be helpful to simplify the process and walk you through each step. There’s even a video tutorial to guide you through each step!

By the time you are done with this little tutorial, you’ll be able to confidantly create adjustable straps for all of your lingerie-making… or tank top making projects. Enjoy!

Adjustable Bra Strap Supplies:

Step 1. Trim Your Elastic

To begin, trim two pieces of 3/8” elastic to 2” and two pieces of elastic to 18” These will make up your bra straps.

Step 2. Prep Your Bra Rings

Take the 2” pieces of elastic and slip them through the round holes of your bra strap slides. Sew the ends in place.

DIY bralette pattern pdf sewing pattern instructions 19

Step 3. Sew Your Adjustable Slider In Place

Take one 18” piece of elastic and slip it around the center bar of your bra strap slider. Pull 1” of elastic through and sew in place with a stright stitch. Trim away the excess.

DIY bralette pdf sewing pattern instructions 18

Step 4. Put It All Together

Slide the other end of 18” elastic through the round hole of your bra strap and back over and under the bra strap slider. This will complete your adjustable bra strap!

DIY bralette pattern pdf sewing pattern instructions 17

Step 5. Sew The Bra Strap To Your Bra

Sew the raw edge of the 2” elastic about 2” from the center back of your bralette to secure.

DIY bralette pdf sewing pattern instructions 1

To attach the other side of your adjustable bra strap, place the right side of the foldover elastic and 3/8” elastic together and sew with a straight stitch.

f‌inished DIY bralette pdf sewing pattern

Then, topstitch with a zig zag stitch to strengthen and help the seams lay flat. Trim away any excess elastic on the inside.

Step 6. Wear. Adjust. Love.

Now you get to try your finished project on, adjust your bra straps to fit, and enjoy. I really hope you liked this tutorial on how to sew bra straps with adjustable sliders. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions!

How To Sew Bra Straps Video Tutorial

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