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Today, let’s make a DIY messenger bag from scratch! 

This messenger bag tutorial can be switched up to make large bags, small bags, laptop bags, tall and skinny passport holders…… you name it. This DIY messenger bag is completely customizable to suit whatever you can think of. Don’t you just love that? For today’s tutorial, I opted for a boho/ western vibe since I’m on a fringe bag kick lately and made it out of a buttery faux suede.

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 1 hour

DIY Messenger Bag

Before we dive in to the tutorial itself, I want to take a second and have you check out my full DIY purse library. The link below will open up in a new tab so you won’t loose today’s post, but will have a chance to check out some other ideas before you get started.

Full DIY Bag Library

DIY Messenger Bag Supplies

Supplies to make a DIY Messenger Bag from scratch!

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience, which means my supply list is also shoppable! If you don’t have something on hand or want to see exactly what I’ll be using for this tutorial, just click the text and checkout on Amazon.

How to Make A DIY Messenger Bag

DIY Messenger Bag - super simple tutorial

Start by cutting your suede fabric into a long 12″ x 33″ rectangle.

Fold into thirds like pictured.

Make a basic DIY Messenger Bag -

Next, use pins to secure the side that is flipped up.

Learn to sew a DIY Messenger Bag from scratch

Sew into place so your bag looks like this. You should have a large pocket with an extension that will create the messenger bag flap once it’s turned inside out.

Steps to make a DIY Messenger Bag -

To create more shape to your bag, fold the bottom corner as shown and pin into place.

How to sew a DIY Messenger Bag -

When the bottom corner of the bag is sewn, it should look like this.

Make an easy DIY Messenger Bag from scratch!

Trim the excess of the corner off. This will allow your bag to lay nicely when you are done.

How to make a DIY Messenger Bag from scratch!

Now, your bag should look like this.

How to make a basic DIY Messenger Bag .

Flip your bag inside out. Your bag is already taking shape!

DIY Messenger Bag full step by step tutorial

The flap of your bag will be much larger than the body of the bag itself. Trim the outer edges so it all lines up and looks nice.

Sew a DIY Messenger Bag from scratch!

Now that the base of your DIY messenger bag is complete, it’s time to add the magnetic closure. Use the package instructions to secure them in place.

DIY Messenger Bag full tutorial from scratch

Next, slide a small section of your purse handle through a metal ring.

DIY Messenger Bag from scratch!

Use a basic sewing machine to sew into place on the side of your bag. Repeat on the other side.

DIY Messenger Bag full tutorial

Sew the belt of your handle in place. Now you are ready to start decorating! Take out any embellishments you plan on using.

DIY Messenger Bag -

Pin and sew the sew-on fringe into place. Mine had a loose, plastic string in place to keep the bottom of the fringe from tangling while I worked with it.

DIY Messenger Bag .

After your fringe is sewn into place, remove the plastic bottom string so the fringe falls freely.

DIY Messenger Bag tutorial

As one of the final steps to finish your DIY messenger bag, apply a dime size dot of E6000 glue to the top of your magnetic closure.

DIY Messenger Bag from scratch

Press the embellishment you like onto the glue to secure into place. Let it sit for a few hours until the glue dries and you are all set to start using your new DIY messenger bag!

DIY Messenger Bag

I love the versatility of this DIY messenger bag. The size I made today is perfect for an everyday bag. It’s the perfect size to carry my wallet, keys, and anything I need while running errands. You could also double the size to create a laptop case or weekend bag as well.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below!

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DIY Boho Messenger Bag from scratch tutorial DIY Messenger Bag from scratch tutorial Full DIY Bag LibraryDIY Messenger Bag from scratch tutorial

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