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The glam recycled office DIY

In the next few weeks, we’ll be taking on some major house renovations and I’m so excited / scared / nervous to get going! Part of our whole process includes creating a beautiful bloggers office that I’m so excited to create. The only problem was, the kind of office furniture I wanted costs thousands…… thousands to buy in the store.

Instead of maxing out our budget (and then some) I decided to make my own glam office for less than $50.


After all is said and done, I made this marble table for less than $30 and this chair was under $20 to make. Now Jon is happy and I get my dream office. Win-win!

I picked up this used office chair for just ten bucks. It’s incredibly boring and basic but had the basic lines I wanted.

Makeover a boring office chair to be this glam gold and fur masterpiece

Now, it’s had a complete makeover.

In about an hour, this recycled office chair has a fresh look, is so much more comfortable, and gets compliments from everyone that sees it. I think it matches my DIY Marble and gold desk perfectly.

Make this fur and gold office chair with a step by step tutorialMake this full tutorial glam recycled office DIY

Seriously guys…. $50 for both of these pieces. I’m so excited to work here!

How this fashion blogger recycled thrift store pieces to DIY this glam office

Supplies To Make A Faux Fur Chair

My supply lists are now shoppable for your convenience via the Amazon.com aff. links below:

How to Make A Faux Fur Chair

Makeover an office chair

To get started, bring your chair outside in a well-ventilated area. I parked mine on a flat piece of wood so I could got to the wheels easier. Spray the plastic parts of your chair with several light coats. Lighter coats prevent dripping and create a more professional finish. Let it dry.

Spray paint a boring office chairThe glam office DIY tutorial

Next, use a spray adhesive on any fabric sections to make it tacky to the touch. This helps to hold your fur into place while you secure it with a butter knife (I’ll explain in just a second.) Be careful not to spray any plastic pieces or they could remain sticky after your chair is complete.

Spray the fabric on the office chair to apply fur fabric

The final step is to drape the fur fabric over the rest of your chair and cut a rough shape around to fit. Leave 2-3 inches of excess fur and tuck under any plastic sections to secure. Use a butter knife to push raw fabric edges under the plastic for a finished look. I liked using a utensil handle because it was easy to hold and push, yet wasn’t sharp enough that it could damage my fabric.

When you are done, your faux fur chair should look something like this:

Make this fur and gold office chair with this complete step by step tutorialMake this fur and gold office chair with this step by step tutorial

My kids starting spinning and playing on this faux fur chair almost immediately and my six year old loved helping me make it. She calls it “her fancy chair” now. I kind of love it.

To Get the Marble Desk DIY, Click Here.

I hope you guys loved this tutorial. If you have any questions, just leave me a comment below and I’d love to help out!

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How this fashion blogger made her own recycled fur and gold chair Make this fur and gold office chair with a full step by step tutorial   Makeover a boring office chair to be this glam gold and fur one    Makeover a boring office chair to be this glam gold and fur throne How this fashionista made her own recycled fur and gold chair