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Learn to make these boho recycled planters from an old coffee can!


Truth be told, I wish I had a green thumb.

I can start a plant from seed no problem… it’s as soon as it becomes a real-life plant that the trouble starts. So, while I’m still figuring it all out and my beautiful plants make a “death march” from window sill to window sill, this craft ensures they will look as beautiful as possible doing it.

Because plants deserve some dignity too.

Today’s little craft is a quick and fun project to add to your planter collection next time you find yourself short.

I used a large, gallon tin can that was leftover from a Costco coffee run. I love the size and stability of it but you could honestly do this craft and give any size can new life. Maybe even several from a few sizes!

To save time and keep the project extra simple, we’re going to use a scrap piece of faux suede in addition to the rope so it comes together in even less time and adds loads of texture to your home decor.

I love how it turned out! Are you ready to get started?

How To Make Recycled Planters From Tin Cans

Step One

Before we can really get started, be sure to wash and remove the label from your tin can. If it has a graphic printed on the metal itself, don;t stress. We’ll be covering and re-facing the entire thing so there’s no need to worry.

Step Two

Now that your tin can is clean, it’s time to grab some Macrame Rope and a Hot Glue Gun. You can find this in natural color shades and bright colors too, whatever you like best. to start gluing the rope to the bottom edge of your tin can. If you don’t already have Macrame Rope on hand, I’ve compiled a resource for you with several low-cost options:

Glue a thin strip of rope along the bottom edge of your can before wrapping it on top of itself in an upward motion to work your way up the can. Glue every few inches.

Continue working your way up the edge of the can.

Once you are about 2 inches up from the bottom, trim your rope with scissors, and use Hot Glue to make sure to tack the ends of your rope down.

Step Three

Now, I love the rustic look of leather and happened to have a scrap on hand from my bag-making tutorials. So to mix up the texture, I decided to add a strip of faux leather these recycled planters. Just cut a strip of fabric and adhere it to your can with more Hot Glue.

Roll and press your fabric in place to make sure no edges come up as the glue dries. Hot glue can be very forgiving but very bulky if it’s allowed to dry in drips.

Step Four

Last, it’s time to finish off the top of your can with more rope. Make sure to finish the top rim of the can by adding extra rope on the inside edges to give your recycled planters a more uniform, finished look.

I love how this quick little project turned out! Now you can make your own planters with whatever you want to give a second life! it’s a fantastic idea because you can use these creative ideas in many different ways. Old plastic bottles could work, and I’ve always thought a hanging planter would be a great idea to make here too. Candle holders could be fun too! Any old containers can make the base for a perfect planter plant pots, or other projects!

Before you put a plant inside, just be sure to fill the bottom with a little bit of gravel so it drains nicely. Happy crafting!