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You can never have too many comfy, casual summer dresses right? Today, we’re going to refashion t-shirts into a dress for the warm weather ahead! This dress is the perfect casual dress or even a swimsuit cover-up. It’s just as comfortable as your basic t-shirt, can be worn with a regular bra, and can even be completed in an hour if you use a sewing machine or 15 minutes without. I’ll walk you through both options. Check out my other t-shirt refashions¬†HERE¬†and HERE.

Refashion 2 T shirts into a sexy summer dressTshirt refashion into this sexy summer dress


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How To Refashion T-Shirts Into A Dress

You’ll need two t-shirts to complete this little black dress. I used large ones, but realized it would have been significantly easier if I started with shirts that fit me properly. I’ll walk you through the process I used to fit the t-shirts to my frame just in case.

Here’s the basic idea we’ll be using to create this dress:

Refashion 2 T shirts into this sexy summer dress

Start out by taking one of your t-shirts and cutting the neckline and sleeves off. If your t-shirt fits great and you like the look of sleeves, feel free to skip this step. Since the t-shirts I started with didn’t fit, I had to resize them.

Either way, cut the bottom of your t-shirt off at the waist.

Refashion two T shirts into a sexy summer dress ..

If the t-shirts are huge on you, add pins to the sides and sew into place, creating a new silhouette for your t-shirt.

Refashion two T shirts into a sexy summer dress

Since t-shirt jersey doesn’t fray, you could leave your edges raw or if you’d prefer, you could finish them off. To finish the edges, cut 2″ strips from the leftover scraps of your t-shirt, fold the 2″ strips in half and sew onto the raw edges around the armholes and neckline. Again, if you start out with a shirt that fits, you won’t have to do this step.

Upcycle 2 Tshirts into this sexy summer dress

Cut a small hole in the center of your shirt. This is were you’ll tie the skirt in place. At this point, you should have a cropped shirt that looks like this:

Refashion 2 Tee shirts into a sexy summer dress

Next, to create the skirt portion of your dress, cut the bottom of your second t-shirt off just below the armpits.

Refashion two Tshirts into this sexy summer dress

Cut a small 2″ slice from the middle of your skirt down. Next, use these 2 ends of the skirt to tie a knot (or sew) through the hole in the front of your top.

Refashion two T shirts into this sexy summer dress

Your dress should looks like this. With the top and skirt connected in the middle:

Refashion 2 Tshirts into a sexy summer dress

This dress is so crazy-comfortable I hope you really love it! My favorite part of this project is how you can make it as simple or complex as you like. You could just slice two t-shirts and go with a no-sew option or finish your edges and resize your shirts to make a more advanced project. That’s the fun of DIY right?

If you liked this little black dress DIY, check out my other ones HERE and HERE.

As always, if you have any questions while you are doing this project, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to help out!

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Refashion 2 Tee shirts into this sexy summer dressRefashion 2 T-shirts into this sexy summer dress

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