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I’m guilty far too often of rushing out the door in my pajamas to get kids to school. I tell myself something like, “It’s OK. Nobody will see me. I’m not even getting out of the car.” Those always seem to be the days a neighbor swings by to chat or I need to get out to walk the kids in to class barefoot in a bathrobe for one reason or another. Having this happen once is more than enough to humiliate and embarrass me.

Always. ALWAYS take some pride in how you present yourself to the world.

On busy mornings it’s hard enough to just get out the door, but these super-simple hair-styling tutorials will help smooth out your morning routine, save you precious snooze time, and help you look absolutely incredible. Each one only takes about  minutes! Your mornings may never be the same…


So, to start, I love this chic and perfectly undone low-braid bun:

Simple And Easy 5 Minutes Hairstyle Tutorials:

Seriously, who doesn’t love an easy, sexy boho braid?

Easy Boho Braid Tutorial. Perfect for those days when you need a quick and easy hairstyle. #braid #beauty #hair:

This beautifully undone long hairstyle would even be cute with shorter hair.

Khaleesi inspired tutorial

Next time your heading to the gym, on a hike, or even just have an incredibly busy day, this Mohawk Braid looks fashion-forward and incredibly badass.

15 Spectacular DIY Hairstyle Ideas For a Busy Morning Made For Less Than 5 Minutes:

This simple and beautiful side pony is a fresh take on a classic.


Really, who wouldn’t want to look as adorable as this girl? I love how her bangs add to the style, but it could easily be pulled off without the face-fringe.


Most of the time, braids look intimidating and time-consuming, but this tutorial actually looks like something that could be done in 5 minutes or less. Awesome!


The versatility of this braided half-do is perfect. Make this your go-to to keep hair out of your face but keep your length.

Half Crown Braid