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Learn how to make your own sewing pattern weights with this quick and easy resin tutorial. These fabric weights will come in handy the next time you are cutting out a sewing pattern and don’t want to leave puncture holes from pins in your paper yet still hold everything in place for cutting.

how to use and make your own sewing pattern weights

Today I’m so excited to show you how to make these beautiful resin sewing pattern weights.

These simple tools are oh so handy at holding your fabric and sewing patterns in place while cutting your fabric out. Before I made my own, I used everything from scissors, wine bottles, and cups of tea instead. Let me tell you- having something that is intended to hold your fabric in place is so much better than scrounging your sewing room for supplies. Plus, these resin ones look so beautiful you’ll love working with them and having them around.

how to use sewing pattern weights

If you are working with a sewing pattern that you absolutely love and want to maintain, or just don’t like making permanent holes in your patterns with pins, using pattern weights to gently hold everything in place is the perfect alternative.

While store-bought sewing pattern weights like these are handy as well, we can make our own with far more personality and far less cost than pre-made ones.

The next time you are working on a project, or even wondering what thoughtful gift you can make for a sewist friend, you’ll have this handy little tutorial to look back on!

sewing pattern weights

Video Tutorial


stirring resin to DIY sewing pattern weights

How To Make Your Own Sewing Pattern Weights

Start out by mixing your resin by following along with your package instructions. Depending on the brand or kind of resin you pick, your preparation may vary slightly. To ensure that your sewing pattern weights come out perfectly, make sure you are following the instructions included in the packaging of your resin.

stirring resin to make sewing pattern weights

Once your resin is mixed thoroughly, pour it into your silicone molds. Fill each muffin mold about 3/4 of the way. The silicone sheet doesn’t need to be oiled or prepped in any way for your resin. Once it’s dried, it will pop out easily.

pouring resin to make sewing pattern weights

Once your resin is poured, it’s time to add some color. For today’s tutorial, we’ll use a few drops of food coloring to create intricate-looking swirls throughout your resin sewing pattern weights. Place just a few drops of the colors you like on top of your resin before gently stirring them with a toothpick.

sewing pattern weights DIY tutorial

How to make clear sewing pattern weights

Let your resin harden overnight before touching. Once they are completely hard, you’ll be able to easily pop the pattern weights out of the mold and they’ll be ready to use!

DIY resin clear sewing pattern weights

Easy enough right?

The thing that I absolutely love about these resin sewing pattern weights is how they provide just the right amount of weight to hold everything in place without ever damaging your fabric or sewing patterns. The fact that they look so beautiful is really just an extra bonus!

They also stack easily, cost less to make than store-bought ones, and have more personality!

how to use and DIY sewing pattern weights

I love the splash of color they add to my sewing room and double as decor when I’m not using them. Hopefully, they inspire some fun new projects and make your sewing room that much more enjoyable!

DIY resin sewing pattern weights

Happy sewing!

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