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When you are short on space but still want to have a dedicated sewing corner, this article will give you tons of sewing room storage ideas to save valuable space!

sewing room storage and decor for small spaces

When it comes to working on new sewing projects, sometimes the set-up and take-down can deter you from ever beginning. That’s why today I’m excited to bring you several sewing room storage ideas, space-saving furniture, and even some inspirational rooms and ideas to get the creative juices flowing. My friend over at CutCutCraft.com also created a great resource on craft room organization to check out here.

When I was just getting started, I would use my small, square kitchen table to layout pattern pieces. It was always frustrating to get rolling on a project and have to clean everything up to eat with my kids and re-set everything up before I could get going again. Some nights, it’s enough to deter you completely from starting!

But sewing is just way too rewarding and fun to put off. It is so much easier to bust through projects when you have a dedicated space.

Hopefully, this article gives you some great ideas!

Space-Saving Sewing Room Storage & Furniture

sewing craft armoire

This Sewing Craft Armoire looks polished and chic when it’s closed up but expands to hide a complete sewing studio in plain sight! Place your sewing machine on a large shelf and all you’ll need to do to get started is pull the expandable table down and plug your machine in. All of the built-in storage will come in handy to keep your fabric stash and tools on hand without the mess. Learn more about this built-in armoire here.

sewing table for small spaces

This  Expandable Rolling Sewing Station is both cute and doesn’t take up much space at all. With compartments to hold everything you need and an expandable tabletop, you can have a complete mini sewing station without much prep or set-up time.

sewing table

This compact 31.5″ Wide Sewing Table rolls wherever you need it to be and expands to be almost a yard long. The best part about this handy little sewing cart is that it’s on sale for over 50% off right now on Amazon. It’s the perfect way to get started
folding craft tabel with drawers

This Folding Hobby and Craft Cutting Table with Drawers can be tucked into a corner (since it folds up to be just 12.5″ wide) when you’re not using it but expands into a huge 60″ table in just minutes. The storage on the bottom keeps your tools on hand without cluttering up your working surface and even adjusts to being however tall you’d prefer. You can get it on Amazon here.
45 sewing desk

This 45.5″ Sewing Desk is large enough to give you all the space you’ll need to work on big projects but still compact enough to fit in a closet. It even has a shelf to hold your foot pedal and the section that holds your sewing machine can move up and down to create the perfect height for more comfortable sewing. The best part? This desk on sale for less than $100 on Amazon right now. 

Sewing Room Storage Ideas & Inspiration

Turn A Small Built-In Bookshelf into a Sewing Space

Small Space Big Style: Sewing space----Designer Molly Luetkemeyer transformed a tiny closet into a sewing space in the mezzanine of the Small Space Big Style design house in Hollywood. The walls are lined with contrasting pink grass cloth from Elitis. (Photo credit: John Ellis )

I stumbled across this beautiful sewing nook from an article in the LATimes.com about wallpaper but loved the concept of turning a built-in bookshelf space into a chic sewing corner. The wallpaper definitely creates a beautiful focal point, but I love the use of a Hanging Spool Thread Rack and using a few Floating Shelves for extra fabric storage. Easy peasy!

Convert A Closet Into A Sewing Room

sewing room decor ideas

Maddie Flannigan from DesignSponge.com proves that you don’t need a ton of square footage to create a fully-functional sewing space. when she purchased her first condo, she knew she would have to creative to squeeze in a sewing room into her 550 square foot living space. That’s where this incredible before and after transformation came in. By converting a simple closet into a sewing room, she can close the doors when company comes over and completely hide any mess or unfinished projects. How genius is that?

Make A Sewing Room Under The Stairs

how to save space with sewing room storage

Sarah Cook from SustainableCooks.com took this idea to a whole new level with her sewing room under the stairs. She even referred to it as her “Harry Potter room.” By installing a floating table across the small closet, she is able to use the curve of the back wall to create extra legroom under her tiny sewing table. An inexpensive, 3-Drawer Rolling Cart provides a bit of extra storage so she’s ready to go!

Use The Backside of a Door For Even More Storage

sewing room storage

If your compact sewing room can close with you inside it (like the sewing space under the stairs) having extra storage on the backside of a door can come in extra handy. SweetRedPoppy.com stores all of her small notions and other items that she needs often at arms reach with this Over The Door Hanging Organizer.

Get Creative With Shelving

sewing room storage and decor

This money-saving shelving idea by BlueIStyleBlog.com is quick to put together, requires zero wood-working skills, and creates immediate fabric and sewing storage. When you buy wood from The Home Depot, you can even have them pre-cut it to the width you want, making it a cinch to stack cylinder blocks on either side and create this instant storage. Use it in small spaces or fill an entire wall like Stacie did on BlueIStyleBlog.com

Convert An Office Desk Into A Sewing Storage Station

craft room organization sewing room storage

As a DIY blogger, I bounce between working on a computer and sewing. Having the two together like MaybeySheMadeIt.com is extra convenient. Even if you aren’t a DIY blogger, using a kitchen computer desk as a sewing station is convenient and easy. Just put your sewing machine on the kitchen table and all of your supplies and tools are right where you need them.

Use Storage In Unexpected Places

sewing room storage inside a chair

When you are creating a compact sewing space, sewing room storage is key. The more the merrier. To hide extra scraps of fabric, DesignSponge.com used the bottom of her chair by adding hinges!

Use The Space Under Your Desk To Store Rulers

sewing room storage ideas

SweetRedPoppy.com has the most incredible sewing and craft room and her storage ideas are incredible. To save extra space and keep her rulers on hand, she applied some inexpensive command clips to the underside of her desk and hung grid rulers, french curves, and more out of sight but never out of reach.

sewing room storage from upcycled containers

Upcycle old food containers like DIYCandy.com to create versatile (and large!) sewing room storage for items like yarn, embellishments, and even markers.