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I’ve been playing with a new beauty routine with a beauty regimen product.

It’s not a new moisturizer, serum, night creams, or makeup. My latest beauty find has actually been an incredible game changer that works while you sleep. For the past few weeks, I’ve been using a silk pillowcase and the results I’ve seen have been pretty incredible to say the least.

My Experience Using A Silk Pillowcase:

The very first night, not only did I fall asleep quickly and felt like I was on a cloud (there’s something just so luxurious about silk right?) but the next morning when I woke up, my skin felt so much better. Normally, I wake up with dry skin (especially around my chin) and my face feels ….. stiff. Apparently, silk absorbs less moisture or natural oils like traditional pillowcases can and helps with dry skin like mine. With time, if your skin is better hydrated, it also helps to fight wrinkles and other fine lines.

Think about it. We use cotton all the time in our towels because of it’s ability to wick moisture away. When we rub our faces into our regular cotton pillowcases all night long, it can actually wick away much-needed moisture and leave us with results we’re not so crazy about. I won’t even think about all the beauty products I’ve wasted by letting my pillow “drink” them up before my sensitive skin has fully absorbed them. Make way for smooth skin!

Over the past few weeks, my hair has also seen a change. Usually I wake up with a bit of bed head and frizzy hair but.. my hair texture is noticeably softer. Since silk has far less friction than other pillowcases, it helps to prevent things like hair breakage, split ends and makes for smoother hair and even less tangling while you sleep. Combine that with it’s ability to retain moisture within each strand (and not get sucked up into your pillow) you are left with a noticeable difference…..without ever changing up your routine or products.


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Step 1:

Make This DIY Silk Pillowcase Cover with this FULL TUTORIAL

Start out by laying your old pillowcase over your fabric. Then, cut out a basic shape using your pre-made pillowcase as a guide.

Step 2:

Make This luxe DIY Silk Pillowcase Cover with this FULL TUTORIAL

Fold your silk fabric so the ends overlap like the picture above. This will create the pocket that gives your new silk pillowcase a nice, snug fit. Pin into place.

Step 3:

Pin along both of the long sides of the silk fabric and sew into place.

Step 4:

Make This luxe DIY Silk Pillowcase Cover

When you flip your silk pillowcase inside out, it should look like this:

Iron your fabric if you need and slide your pillow inside this silky bad boy. Ta da! You have a new beauty upgrade that costs less than $5

I really hope you liked this little DIY and start seeing the results too! Spend a few minutes making this little silky pillowcase project and sleep on it a few days to start noticing a difference too. Change your beauty sleep game today, have less bad hair days and healthier skin.

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As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below!