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How to make a simple snuggle blanket with sleeves for kids and adults. This beginner sewing project is great for teaching kids to sew!

Well friends, summer is in full swing and late-night movie nights, lazy Sunday mornings, and sleepovers are quickly becoming the norm. To kick it all off and get my kids sewing more often, we created these easy snuggle blankets with sleeves!

Because sewing with kids is just so much fun.

Seriously, there’s something so rewarding about teaching my kids to make something with their hands that fills me up. The quality time we spend together is priceless. Plus, they have an awesome project to wear all season long.

These snuggle blankets are really just felt snuggies/simple robes in custom lengths that fit each kid. Being able to make each one fit their height perfectly keeps them cleaner longer since they don’t drag on the floor.

As for me, I prefer wearing velvet or lace kimonos (see the tutorial here) and caftans (see the tutorial here) around the house instead of snuggies. But hey- to each their own. Do your own thing. For a happy medium, you could even make yourself this simple snuggle blanket in a pretty fabric and then just turn it around to transform it into a more stylish house robe. It’s your call. That’s the bonus of making your own handmade closet after all right? You get exactly what you like.

Easy DIY Snuggle Blanket with sleeves

Supplies To Make A Snuggle Blanket

5 Tips For Sewing Fleece Fabric

  1. Since fleece fabric has a tendency to slip and slide while you are sewing, it can be helpful to use a Walking Presser Foot. If you do not have one in your sewing kit already, you can use the general purpose presser foot that came with your sewing machine as long as you use several Straight Sewing Pins to keep your fabric in place. Pin your project about every inch to keep your project from shifting around.
  2. If you’d like to hem your fleece project, using a lightweight fabric stabilizer along your hemlines will keep the fleece from stretching and warping while sewing, making your hemlines come out more professional. You may want to apply this technique when you are also attaching zippers, buttons and button-holes etc.
  3. Use a Universal Ball Point Machine Needle when sewing fleece fabrics and Polyester Thread. Avoid cotton thread if possible since it will snap easier. Polyester also has slightly more give to it, is strong and durable and perfect for fleece.
  4. Since fleece fabric tends to be on the thicker side, increase your stitch length and decrease your sewing machine tension to create longer stitches.
  5. If you are working on a project that needs to have really precise seams and you don’t want to pin consistently, consider hand-basting your project first so your fleece fabric won’t slide while sewing.

Video Tutorial

Sewing Instructions

  1. Cut your fleece fabric straight across so you have a nice, even piece of fabric to work with. Often, your fabric is not cut straight from the store so it’s always back to measure and start fresh to ensure you have a straight line.
  2. To get the length of your snuggie, measure from the tip of your shoulder down to the floor. This is how long you’ll want to cut your fleece fabric. (For this project, you don’t need to trim the natural width of your fabric that it comes in from the store.)
  3. Fold your fleece in half and mark with a sewing pin to get the center back of your snuggle blanket.
  4. To get the center back opening of your snuggie to fit comfortably and fit correctly, measure 2″ out on either side of the center back pin for small kids, 3″ out on either side for tweens and large kids, and 4″ out on either side for adults.
  5. Mark with tailors chalk and fold the outside edge of your fleece to meet.
  6. Once your sides are symmetrical, pin it in place and sew along the top edge with a 1″ seam allowance.
  7. Using some of your leftover fleece, cut two pieces of fleece 16″ long and 12″ wide to create sleeves.
  8. Fold the rectangles in half hamburger-style and sew along the top edge to create two, 8″ x 6″ tubes.
  9. Line your sleeves up along the sides of your snuggle blanket and cut a 6″ opening along the fold line.
  10. Open both the sleeve and the new opening you have cut in your snuggle blanket, put the right sides together, and pin and sew around the circumference.
  11. Once your sleeves are sewn into place, your snuggle blanket is ready to wear! It should be cozy, lightweight, and just long enough to be comfortable. Since fleece doesn’t easily fray, you don’t need to finish or hem your project but are welcome to if you’d prefer.