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What better way to bring in spring than with new transition pieces? Today, we’ll be refashioning a basic light sweater to a DIY Studded Sweater.

How To Add Studs To A Basic Shirt . A Clothing Refashion Idea

I scored this lightweight sweater for less than $3 on a recent thrift store trip (more on that HERE) and added some basic hardware to make it my own and add some extra detail. In all, this no-sew project is super-simple and costs next to nothing to make.

I love how the extra detail of the hardware makes a big impact in the overall look of the top. Once the studs are put on, your sweater is good to be washed and rewashed without your studs slipping. This is why I like applying them with jewelry pliers instead of fabric glue.

DIY Studded Sweater Supplies:

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How To Add Studs To A Basic Shirt

How To Add Studs In 5 Steps:

  1. First, lay your shirt flat on a table and decide where you’d like your studs to be. I chose to line them up down the arm seam of my top.
  2. Starting at the neckline, press the pyramid studs through the fabric so the spikes stick out on the inside of the sweater.
  3. Use your jewelry pliers to fold the spikes inward. They should be smooth on the inside when you are done.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 all the way down the seam (or wherever else you decide to embellish your top.)
  5. Try on your newly refashioned top and enjoy!

How To Add Studs To A Basic Shirt . A Clothing Refashion

Video Tutorial:

Thank you so much for reading this DIY! If you have any questions whatsoever throughout the process, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below!

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How To Add Studs To A Basic Shirt . A Clothing Refashion Idea .