abstract art

DIY Spray Paint Large Abstract Art

Have you ever wanted to make large abstract wall art but are afraid it won’t turn out? If you are, this home decor project is for you. For this week’s DIY, the kids and I made this modern spray paint art on a huge canvas for the stair landing downstairs. Don’t you just love HUGE modern […] Read more…

How to egg paint to make massive statement art

DIY Canvas Painting: Egg Splatter Gold Abstract Art

I love DIY Canvas Painting. I love how it creates a mood in a room, focus’s a color scheme, and creates a big statement. In our house, most of the large, abstract art on our walls was made by our kids. I love the memories, personality, and creativity each piece possesses. Our latest project gave […] Read more…

Tissue Paper Wall Art for kids

DIY Abstract Art for Kids with Tissue Paper

This project took only 30 minutes, looks great, and we had a great time together creating it. I let Boston decide if we were going to create straight, more symmetrical lines or a crazy, more spontaneous design and he elected to do a more uniform, striped pattern.
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