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DIY shiny hair protein hair lamination hair mask with gelatin

All Natural Hair Lamination DIY

Writing natural beauty DIY’s is so much fun because it forces me to always be hunting outside of my comfort zone and experimenting with new ideas. Today, I’m so happy to report that I finally found a super-effective, shine-enhancing, hair-saving, length-growing hair mask that costs next to nothing and can be used anytime you need […] Read more…

The Easiest Way To Clean Makeup Brushes

The Lazy Girl’s 2 Step Guide To Cleaning Makeup Brushes

We all know we’re supposed to clean our makeup brushes, but honestly, who has the extra time? In this week’s Beauty DIY, I’m walking you through the fastest, easiest, 2-step method of cleaning your makeup brushes in record time. Trust me, even on busy mornings, you’ve got time for this. With regular use, makeup brushes […] Read more…