DIY panties

15 easy DIY lingerie tutorials..

15 DIY Lingerie, Bras, and Panties to Try in 2022

Have you ever wanted to own a drawer full of sexy, perfectly fitting lingerie but don’t want to invest the hundreds of dollars for it? This is where making your own DIY lingerie comes in. My mind is always blown whenever I excitedly enter a fancy lingerie boutique only to find insane price tags on […] Read more…

How to make easy seamless DIY panties . A simple Victorias Secret knockoff tutorial

DIY Victoria’s Secret Seamless Panties

The other day I found myself in line at Victoria’s Secret excited to buy 5 pairs of panties for less than $30. Since they always have so many cute prints and colors, I ended up spending almost $75 for about 1/2 yard of fabric. It wasn’t until I watched the cashier fold up my tiny […] Read more…