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Refashion a basic tee shirt with this easy weave tutorial DIY

DIY No-Sew T-shirt Refashion

Is it just me, or does summer tend to sneak up on you too? The warm weather and swimsuit-season always surprises me so this year,  I’m starting to work out extra hard a few months early. That’s right… this year, I’m actually going to be prepared! This leads me to this week’s refashion tutorial…. While […] Read more…

DIY T shirt refashion with this FREE pdf feather printable stencil..

DIY T Shirt Makeover w/ Free Feather Stencil Printable

How many old t shirts do you have lying around that are ready for some extra lovin? If your dresser looks anything like mine…. chances are…. a lot. That’s where today’s DIY t shirt stencil makeover comes in. Similar to the scissor stencil we created last year, (that has over 1,000 downloads by the way!) this […] Read more…

How to copy your old clothes and make your own pattern

How To Make Your Own TShirt Sewing Pattern From Scratch!

When it comes to making your own clothes, sometimes it’s an act of self-love, sometimes it saves money…. and sometimes it allows you live a slightly more elevated lifestyle than you previously enjoyed. I have completely transformed my life through DIY and you haven’t read my story yet, you can check it out here.  Today’s […] Read more…