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DIY floral tunic for summer an easy sewing project

How To Sew A Blouse. Easy DIY Tunic Dress for Spring

In celebration of all things spring and floral, let’s learn how to sew an elegant blouse today! I don’t know about you, but as soon as I see the first tulip peek through the ground, I’m breaking out the tank tops, sleeveless blouses, starting to wear summer dresses, and making big plans for the warmer […] Read more…

How to DIY this belted faux fur purse clutch laptop holder from scratch. See the full step by step tutorial

Make A DIY Fur Clutch / Laptop Bag In An Hour

I’ve been kind of geeking out over this week’s DIY fur clutch purse. Isn’t it just so cute! I absolutely love being able to carry my laptop and binder around in this cute faux fur bag. The belted closure is a great way to keep everything inside secure and the foldover design makes it a […] Read more…

DIY Black Thigh High Socks from scratch . SO EASY!

Sock Sewing Pattern To DIY Your Own Knee High Socks

Learn to make your own sock sewing pattern with this free guide rated good for any skill level. Make your own knee-high stockings with this simple free sewing pattern.  On long winter nights, there’s nothing quite like and old t-shirt, thigh high knit stockings, a cup of chamomile tea and a good book. Right? I […] Read more…