handmade clothes

20 easy ways to DIY clothes your entire closet 2

20+ Easy DIY Clothes Tutorials

Making your own DIY clothes doesn’t have to be hard or even time consuming. In this resource guide, I’ve combed through best DIY clothes tutorials from the Creative Fashion Blog archives to bring you the best projects to create a handmade closet you can be proud of. So feel free to scroll through each tutorial […] Read more…

diy shoes with no sew embellishments

DIY Shoes w/ No Sew Tassels & Embellishments

Making your own DIY shoes doesn’t have to be an intimidating process left only for shoe cobblers and professionals. With a few little tweaks and some small tricks, you can transform your old shoes into something you are really excited to slip on in the morning with this quick and easy shoe makeover. Personally, I […] Read more…