how to make a one piece

How to make a jumpsuit the easy way with this simple video tutorial

How To Make A Chic DIY Jumpsuit

Happy Monday ladies! I woke up this morning so excited to mix it up a bit and show you how to mix and match the projects we’ve already done together at Creative Fashion Blog to make entirely new pieces. Today we will learn how to make a DIY jumpsuit! The Empowering Jumpsuit Jumpsuits have a […] Read more…

How to make a DIY convertible jumpsuit from a pair of boring slacks

Turn ANY Pants Into A DIY Convertible Jumpsuit

Have you ever had that moment when you’re finally getting ready for a long awaited date-night or a chic cocktail party and you keep changing… and changing….. and changing? Me too. That’s why I’m so excited to show you guys today’s DIY convertible jumpsuit. [This post contains affiliate links on products I recommend. All opinions […] Read more…