how to sew a skirt

how to sew a diy floor length maxi skirt with slit..

How To Sew A Skirt Beginner Tutorial

If you’re just getting started, learning how to sew a skirt can be intimidating. Rest assured, this tutorial will walk you through how to make a simple maxi skirt in no time. This skirt is soooooo easy to make. You are actually only going to be sewing a single seam!¬†What this means for you is […] Read more…

How to make an easy DIY sequin pencil skirt

Make Your Own Sequin Pencil Skirt

Don’t you just love the look of a sequin pencil skirt? It’s perfect for almost any party, cocktail, or night out and always makes you feel more festive when you slip it on. What’s not to love? Perhaps the only thing I don’t love about the beloved party skirt if the hefty price tag that […] Read more…