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Easy DIY Paint Chip Garland

My sweet, miniature man can not make up his mind. One day he loves Skylanders, then it’s Minecraft, then Star Wars, and I just can’t justify paying to redecorate his room over and over again if it is only going to last a month. But, a good hands-on project? That, I can get into. We’ve redecorated […] Read more…

Make This Toddler Scribble Mug

Toddler Scribble-Art DIY Sharpie Mug

Today’s DIY Sharpie Mug project is a great, quick craft to do with your toddler… that also lets you have an extra cup of coffee guilt-free when you are done. 😉 Sometimes I just love quiet, rainy mornings. Every errand goes on hold while the roads are a mess and it forces me to slow […] Read more…

Toddler Made Geometric Wall Art

DIY Toddler Made Abstract Wall Art

I love decorating with sentimental pieces that bring me joy every time I see them. Most of the artwork in my house is made by either me or the kids. I love how it adds exactly the color I want, is exactly the size I need, and brings back so many amazing memories whenever I walk past it. This was Zoe’s first experience painting with me and her very first canvas ever. I love how it turned out! Here’s how we did it:
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