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Bra making tips and tricks you wish you knew

8 Simple Bra Making Tips and Tricks

Regardless of if you are just getting started bra making or are a DIY lingerie expert, it’s always fun to learn new tips and tricks. I have absolutely loved creating a handmade lingerie drawer full of beautiful pieces that fit perfectly. Today I’m excited to walk you through 5 quick tips that will make the […] Read more…

Turn an old bra into a babydoll DIY lingerie

DIY Lingerie From An Old Bra

Just like the lace bra refashion from a few weeks ago, this DIY lingerie is quick and easy, can be completed in less than an hour, and can be made from what you already have lying around the house. Today we’ll be taking that old bra you have in the back of your dresser and […] Read more…

Bra making the easy way. Refashion an old bra into sexy lingerie .

Bra Making The Easy Way . DIY Lace Bra Refashion

Bra making doesn’t alway have to be hard. Granted, there is a lost art in lingerie making, but most of us don’t have the skills to whip up a sexy underwire bra after a busy day. A bra refashion on the other hand, cuts a few of the tedious corners, recycles what you already have, […] Read more…