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DIY a lariat necklace out of an old vinyl record

DIY Jewelry: Vinyl Record Lariat Necklace

Don’t you just love a lariat necklace? This unexpected jewelry tutorial is surprisingly simple to make. The best part? This lariat necklace is made with recycled vinyl records for a retro, unique look that I hope you love. Each of the delicate looking leaves that hang from the bottom of the necklace are molded vinyl […] Read more…

Make A luxe Jewelry Box Out of a shoebox!

DIY A Chic Bracelet Organizer From An Old Shoe Box

As our house renovations and my quest for organization get into full swing, I wanted to share my latest little project with you guys: A Chic Bracelet Organizer made from an Old Shoe box. I love the suede-lined tubes inside that keep all my bracelets in a nice little single file. (Now if only my […] Read more…