Make This Toddler Scribble Mug

Toddler Scribble-Art DIY Sharpie Mug

Today’s DIY Sharpie Mug project is a great, quick craft to do with your toddler… that also lets you have an extra cup of coffee guilt-free when you are done. ;) Sometimes I just love quiet, rainy mornings. Every errand goes on hold while the roads are a mess and it forces me to slow […] Read more…

Print Quotes On Toddler Art

Print Quotes On Toddler Art – Free Printables

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in kid’s art projects? At our house, all four kids are incredible little makers, do-ers, and crafters. I love to let them create and see what they come up with, but also want a clean, organized home with loads of personality. Today’s art project does just that. Today, […] Read more…