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How to make a simple summer DIY Tube Dress or Top tutorial with video instructions

Simple DIY Tube Dress With Video Tutorial

Good morning ladies! Have you ever noticed how often the most polished, chic clothes are also the simplest? While window shopping at a high-end boutique, I passed a dress similar to this one and was instantly drawn to it. The only thing I wasn’t drawn to was the high price tag. So, in today’s tutorial, […] Read more…

How to make your own silk scrunchie with FREE printable sewing pattern

Easy DIY Scrunchie w/ FREE Printable Pattern

Today’s DIY scrunchie is my favorite way to use up scraps of fabric, save your hair, and sleep more comfortably. I know… that’s a bold statement to make about a hair tie. But hear me out. I’m always looking for ways to tweak my hair care routine and make it easier and more effective. You […] Read more…