Basic T Shirt Makeover

Fringe DIY T-Shirt Makeover

Are you growing a huge stockpile of old tshirts you never wear? Do you have memories attached, and don’t want to get rid of them? (How in the world does the t-shirt stash seem to “grow” bit by little bit until they take over your dresser?) Today, I get to show you a fun DIY: […] Read more…

How to egg paint to make massive statement art

DIY Canvas Painting: Egg Splatter Gold Abstract Art

I love DIY Canvas Painting. I love how it creates a mood in a room, focus’s a color scheme, and creates a big statement. In our house, most of the large, abstract art on our walls was made by our kids. I love the memories, personality, and creativity each piece possesses. Our latest project gave […] Read more…

How to make a white flower crown

How to Make A Flower Crown Headband. A Simple DIY Tutorial.

Each year, I love taking the kids to the Tulip Festival to celebrate spring. The weather is usually gorgeous, the flowers are breathtaking, and the grounds are always so picturesque. But this year, my six-year-oldĀ decided she just had to make the tulip festival her own by making these flower crown headbands for herself and her […] Read more…