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Refashion a basic tee shirt with this easy weave tutorial DIY

DIY No-Sew T-shirt Refashion

Is it just me, or does summer tend to sneak up on you too? The warm weather and swimsuit-season always surprises me so this year,¬† I’m starting to work out extra hard a few months early. That’s right… this year, I’m actually going to be prepared! This leads me to this week’s refashion tutorial…. While […] Read more…

DIY T shirt refashion with this FREE pdf feather printable stencil..

DIY T Shirt Makeover w/ Free Feather Stencil Printable

How many old t shirts do you have lying around that are ready for some extra lovin? If your dresser looks anything like mine…. chances are…. a lot.¬†That’s where today’s DIY t shirt stencil makeover comes in. Similar to the scissor stencil we created last year, (that has over 1,000 downloads by the way!) this […] Read more…