DIY Huge Paper Wreath

DIY Statement Dahlia Paper Wreath

Normally I’m not a wreath-collecting girl, but lately I’ve really been wanting a huge statement wreath to fill the large, empty space above my fireplace mantel, but they were either too gaudy and old-fashioned or WAY too expensive. So, naturally, I made one. This wreath is about 36 inches in diameter and a huge statement […] Read more…

DIY Five Minute Fall Wreath Tutorial

Make This! 5 Minute Fall Wreath DIY

This autumn, I have taken a vow to enjoy the season to it’s absolute fullest, avoid whining about the cold weather, and decorate my house for every holiday… even Halloween, Easter, & Valentine’s Day. (Why do I always skip those?) My front porch vision isn’t complete yet, but I just had to show you guys […] Read more…