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We all want to get ready faster, feel prettier and in general feel on top of the world every day right? Today, I’m going to show you an awesome new product I discovered that is literally saving me over a thousand dollars a year and valuable time every month.

That product is the false eyelashes by Yelloow.

eyelash set by Yelloow The best eyelashes and exactly how to put them on video tutorial

Before we can really dive in let’s take a step back so I can walk you through the difference between adhesive eyelashes and lash extensions….

Adhesive Eyelashes Vs. Eyelash Extensions

I would be lying through my teeth if I ever criticized eyelash extensions. After all, I wore them religiously for over 6 years and still love my lash artist. That being said, there are some real advantages to adhesive eyelashes that I never fully realized.

The difference between eyelash extensions and adhesive eyelashes is that extensions are applied by a professional in a salon and are filled every 2-3 weeks. Your lash artist uses glue to apply a longer, false lash to your natural lash one at a time. The entire process can take several hours and costs well over $100 a month to maintain…. before the babysitter. The biggest benefit for me was to wake up in the morning and look somewhat put together. The biggest downside were the bald patches I would get in between fills and the absolute inability to sleep on my face.

Adhesive eyelashes are applied every morning and taken off every night. I love how I can sleep face-down on my pillow now and wash my makeup off easier at night. My Yelloow lashes take about 5 minutes to put on in the morning and I never feel them throughout the day.

To be honest, I tried out several cheaper brands as well in writing this review and can say with confidence that you get what you pay for. These lashes are not cheap but are also not overpriced or overly inflated either. They are the most comfortable, durable lashes I’ve tried so far and cost about $40 for a month supply.

Adhesive eyelashes always looks perfect and never clump up or create bald patches as they shed like eyelash extensions can. So for me, I actually saved over a hundred dollars a month, saved time overall, and have better looking lashes more days out of the week.

How to put on false eyelashes for the total beginner . A Yelloow Review you have to read!

In full disclosure, there was an absolute learning curve when I first started using adhesive eyelashes. I had NO idea what I was doing! That’s why I created this two minute video to walk you through some tips and tricks to make it easier. I hope you like it and the tips make the switch!

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide Video Tutorial:

Clip In Extensions

I feel like it would be wrong to talk about Yelloow and not address their clip-in extensions. Again, I’ve had the “real thing” while I was growing my hair out a few years ago with beaded extensions. Not only did they cost almost 6 times the price of the extensions I use today, but they were actually painful and I could never brush my hair without using a special, looped brush- such a hassle!

eyelash set by Yelloow The best false adhesive eyelashes and exactly how to put them on

Today, I use my DIY Lavender and Avocado Spray every day so my hair stays healthy and a Protein Hair Lamination every month for shine, but it’s still fun to add some extra volume with extensions for extra-dramatic braids. Using the clip-in extensions is super-easy and you can pop them on in less than ten minutes before you style your hair. They are fun for uber-thick braids, adding extra volume to curls, and lengthening your hair.

Now I’m not saying one is definitively better than another, but for me, Yelloow has been a game-changer. If you absolutely love your eyelash extensions or beaded extensions or any variation in between, that’s great! I just had to share my experience and let you know what I’m discovering to save more time and money.

After all, when it all comes down to it, the entire purpose is to look and feel your best. If you don’t have a big beauty budget, Yelloow is far more reasonable than permanent alternatives and in my opinion, looks better overall.


How to put on clip in extensions if you're a total beginner

This post was sponsored by Yelloow.com/Johnette. I was gifted products to review and have loved them so much I have placed orders for them myself since (and will continue to). All opinions and experiences are my own.

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide To False eyelashes. This eyelash set by Yelloow The best eyelashes and exactly how to put them on video tutorial

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