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In this article, you’ll learn about 3 top selling items on Etsy and the best things to sell on Etsy for the most success.

top selling items on Etsy this year

Have you ever been so excited to start your first handmade side-hustle only to open the doors to your shop… and hear crickets?

While there can be several factors that play into this, in order for you to get off and running and “paint a broad stroke,” I thought it would be helpful to outline the 3 top selling items on Etsy that you can add to your product line and start creating today.

These three, best-selling handmade categories always perform year after year and never, ever seem to fade.

Now, the reason these top three items are so important is that no matter what season it is, no matter what time of year it is, you can start a handmade business using these three categories, and you know that people are going to be searching for them.

This is huge because so often, new sellers start handmade businesses or Etsy shops and feel like they’re throwing spaghetti at a wall.

They don’t understand why they’re not getting the traffic and sales they really feel like they deserve.. and often, is simply because they’re not using the right keywords and not creating products in the right categories.

So let’s dive in.


#1. Personalized Items

It’s no surprise that the top selling items on Etsy year after year are personalized items. Etsy really prides itself in the customized personal person-to-person experience and creating custom pieces goes hand-in-hand with that.

One great way to get started creating personalized items is to shop at Five Below, the Dollar Store, or buying items in bulk on Amazon. Once you have several “blanks” you’re ready to customize them using a Cricut or a Silhouette machine. That way your new products are personalized, handmade, and you can ship them out to your customers. 😊

If you need more ideas, I created an  

Personalized products can easily fall into almost any category and be any kind of product, from t-shirts to holiday platters, to mugs, to table runners. Really, the sky’s the limit! Anything personalized is going to have a higher perceived value and is going to be a lot easier to sell on Etsy.

Feel free to get creative when it comes to tapping into this category if you have an existing shop. There is likely a simple way to personalize what you are already selling to get a fresh influx of new customers and exposure.

#2. Baby Items

Cricut projects to sell

The second top selling items on Etsy are baby items. Really, when you think about it, who doesn’t want to be the one that shows up with the personal, small batched, handmade baby gift at their friend’s baby shower?

Even as a parent, you would go above and beyond to give your new baby something personalized, and something that feels more meaningful.

I know I repeatedly talk about personalizing baby items, (which you can totally do) but really, anything that falls into the baby category on Etsy seems to sell really well consecutively year after year, and it doesn’t matter what season it is. Baby items will always be in demand.

#3 Jewelry

The third is jewelry. Now the jewelry market can feel oversaturated at times on Etsy, which is why it’s so important for you to niche down even further. Create personalized jewelry, or steampunk jewelry, or something that is even just a little bit more specific to your ideal customer.

Jewelry is something again that’s sold year-round. It’s always being given as a gift. It’s often being purchased for special moments or even just little milestones or just because it’s fun. Jewelry will never go out of season or out of style because new things are always coming up.

Now, something to keep in mind as you are creating products within these top-selling categories is to do some keyword research ahead of time. Keyword research is huge. 

It is the thing that full-time sellers put a lot of energy and focus into, whereas new sellers often disregard completely. It’s really what is going to set your business apart and take it to the next level.

Ultimately, what I recommend is brainstorming a few different products that you would like to create for your new Etsy business, then follow along inside my Product Creation Bootcamp  

Inside, I will show you how to do keyword research to see what specific items customers are searching for, exactly how many customers are searching for it, what the average price point is for that product, and what kind of sales you can expect to receive from making it.

That way you never waste time creating again.