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By the time you read this I’ll already be gone.

I’ll be sipping a cocktail, enjoying the crisp ocean breeze, and laughing with my mother-in-law and sisters on a 5 day Mexican Riviera cruise. No kids. No husbands. Just the girls. I can’t wait.

What to bring on a cruise

This will be the third time I’ve taken this particular cruise and each time it’s been insanely different, but always incredible. There are a few little tricks I’ve picked up and even created a printable checklist to be sure I don’t forget anything. So, with summer fast approaching and passports coming out, I thought I’d share my FREE Cruise Packing List Printable with you.

Cruise Packing List

Download The Printable Here:

Cruise Packing List Printable

I love lists. I love checking them off, the organization in creating them, and the pretty little pages that seem to fill my home. As I’m packing for this trip, I check each thing off the list as I place it in my suitcase. This way I never have that frustrating moment at the airport when I knew that I thought about packing something, but never actually did. Having the list next to my suitcase makes all the difference.

Packing for a Cruise

As for my purse, (which will double as a Day Bag while I’m on excursions) here’s what I’ll bring to get me through the airport, onto the ship, and until the luggage arrives at our rooms:

The Perfect Airport Bag

I love how roomy this bag is and how versatile my wallet /clutch is. I’ve even carried it as a clutch for a night out. I like keeping travel-size sunscreen, soap and deodorant with me just in case I want them while I’m on the ship and before my luggage arrives. There’s nothing worse than starting your vacation sunburned, sick, or stinky. Also, they don’t sell gum on the ship so if you want it, be sure to bring some.

For me, planning out the trip is almost as fun as actually going. Hopefully this little Cruise Packing Checklist makes your next vacation that much easier and more enjoyable.

Download the Cruise Packing List Printable